The International Centre for Democratic Partnerships (ICDP)

| April 11, 2018

The International Centre for Democratic Partnerships (ICDP)

Established by GAP in July 2017, the ICDP is an independent, non-profit, non-political organisation that encourages and facilitates dialogue, discussions and better relationships between current and emerging Pacific and Australian leaders in government, civil society and the private sector on common challenges.

A stable and prosperous Pacific is essential to Australia’s security and foreign policy. However, the complexity of regional challenges demands fresh and innovative approaches. ICDP aims to forge genuine and enduring strategic relationships between Pacific and Australian individuals and organisations to progress ‘Second Track’ dialogue, policy discussions and leadership development. It works to support and strengthen the existing connections and help build new networks and coalitions for business, public sector, academia and community leaders in Australia and the Pacific.

ICDP’s objective is to contribute to economic development in six target Pacific Island countries through:

  • Collaboration – facilitating the greater exchange of ideas and expertise
  • Enduring relationships – increasing Australia’s regional influence by cultivating enduring relationships
  • Empowerment – promoting Pacific Island women as current and future leaders
  • Affinity – enabling Pacific Islanders to develop an affinity or enhance their affinity for Australia

To support this theme, ICDP has developed a range of activities which include peer-to-peer engagement through the ‘Second Track’ process, in-country contacts, workshops and dialogues, the annual Pacific Connect Ideas Exchange, and online collaboration among Pacific Connect alumni.


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