A light went out in Russia

| February 19, 2024

A light went out in Russia yesterday. In horrid, imprisoned, barbaric silence a shining candle of the world was snuffed. What would it matter that one noble soul, in Russia, is murdered by the malignant forces of power, greed and vanity?

When a solitary beacon of hope, decency, dignity is brutally extinguished, in Russia, the hope that a civil mandate of man will be established on this ailing planet takes a near mortal blow. When Russia said yes to democracy, nominal decency, but a few decades ago, under the leadership of another noble soul, there was hope that that nation, a formidable power, would side with a civil world. Now that hope is murdered – by a butcherous Russian culture.

With Russia wholly succumbing to treachery, the murder of innocence by malignant ambitions, the balance of moral decency and hope in this world tilts toward failure.

Is there any hope for a civil human mandate on this ailing planet, when the very light of but one decent, heroic soul is viciously snuffed out in Russia, a murder only politely lamented in the supposedly civil West? Is there any hope for a civil mandate on this planet, an abiding contract of peace and prosperity for all living beings?

Perhaps there is no hope if we do not recognize real heroes, recognize real nobility.

Vale Alexei Navalny.