An apology to women – a warning to men

| March 18, 2016

Inappropriate behaviour towards women happens everywhere and seems to show no sign of slowing. Leicester Warburton says blaming it on hormones is simply not good enough.

Ladies, I hereby apologise for my sex.

Please don’t get the wrong idea. I’m talking about the boorish, uncouth, even violent and animalistic way some men behave towards women these days.

I’d grovel if I could, but I can’t. I don’t enjoy dirt in my face.

Not a day passes without some men leering at women in public places.

Shameful physical attacks on women show no sign of slowing.

Women dominate the “Missing” section of police files, and there’s a strong suspicion that mostly men are involved. The majority of murderers are men.

So called “pleasure parlours” are there exclusively for men to rent women’s bodies for an hour or so. Admittedly there are some reverse arrangements, but they are few and very discreet.

Men grope women in a humiliating way while the reverse can have provocative consequences. Domestic violence occurs in shameful numbers with mostly male perpetrators.

Propositioning of women in vulnerable positions in business and industry is by men.

As for sexual predators – I don’t think I need to say more.

Blame it on a surplus of testosterone? Not good enough!

I have a theory that I believe has to be acknowledged and faced up to by men, and that is…

Women are the smarter sex, and deep down, men feel it, know it, and are running scared in today’s world that is steadily – and rightfully – becoming more equal.

As they should be.



  1. Fluda

    May 22, 2016 at 1:34 am


    This article should be read and considered when making our decisions. Our society has granted women more rights, however that doesn't add up with the amount of sexism in our country. This needs to change!!!!!