Apathy – Why?

| March 21, 2021

We Aussies are dreadfully apathetic. I contend that our governments waste money. You’d probably agree with me. Here in NSW and Federally, our elected leaders suffer from both tin ears and short sightedness. We elect them to represent us but we are soon forgotten, particularly if you’re regional.

They’ll put more effort in ensuring the Party is returned at the next election than attending to regional needs and concerns. Why is it so ?
I guess this deplorable situation will eventually resolve itself via civil revolution and hopefully, without trashing our democratic society.

Our governments misuse much of our taxation derived funds for projects that do not meet inclusive state and federal needs. Examples; in NSW we did not need to replace old sporting infrastructure at Moore Park, we do not need to relocate the Powerhouse Museum.

The funds allocated to these and similar government “wants” could have been far better spent on regional roads, hospitals, schools, civil projects that benefit areas in need. Why ?

Federally, we have the same mindset. National needs such as environmental challenges, land degradation, communications, transport planning, national aged care, veterans affairs, national law standardisation etc., etc., are just some of the many challenges confronting the nation.

Federal parliament very recently authorised spending $500m on our War Memorial. This money will be spent to enlarge the housing of the latest war technology. The purpose of the War Memorial has been lost. Why ?
We should not be spending our money on things relating to killing and war.

Currently, we are in a state of flux regarding electricity production and distribution. For some years now, vested energy interests have called the tune and had the ear of governments.

This cosy situation (for the government) has resulted in the federal governments failing to define any forward looking philosophy re energy production. Consequently, other players in the industry will not invest where there are no long term policies and objectives.

Despite the odds, wind and solar power sources are taking over, competition is forcing the slow demise of coal despite the technological challenges that exist . Why ?

Despite government reluctance however, these many challenges are being overcome.

Consider the devastation of the 2019/2020 bushfires in eastern Australia. Our various media advises us that many affected people are still waiting for promised government assistance. Why ?

The Covid 19 virus has adversely impacted on our lifestyle in many ways, none the least is tourism. The pandemic has shown up significant, long held system deficiencies in our public health systems. Private enterprise owns and runs the majority of our Aged Care facilities have been exposed as placing the welfare of profit before addressing the concerns of their ‘customers’. Why ?

A recent Royal Commission has identified the Government ‘system’ is broken. The Commission has said the whole system needs to be reworked. This will require enormous funding and solid political will. From what I’ve read recently in “Pearls & Irritations” and other authoritarian journals our PM and Health Minister are studiously avoiding the issue. Why ? Very little, if anything, will be achieved until the Government is shamed into action.

Domestic violence is the latest issue where our leaders are again, found wanting. Posthumous accusations of a rape from thirty odd years ago have been levelled against our Attorney General. They cannot stick as the victim took her own life in June last year.

Investigative journalism has revealed that several times since being appointed, our A-G has abused his position as the nation’s top law official.

Why and how ?

Expressed public opinion is signalling that this man is not competent, is not fit to hold the position of A-G. I think Porter’s selfish actions against the ABC will ultimately bring down Morrison’s Government.

Why do we put up with these situations, where our elected representatives, State and Federal, are not listening to public voiced opinion and acting on our concerns ? We are lauded by people outside Australia for our perceived democratic freedoms but inside Australia, our experiences aren’t matching our expectations. Our cancer is politics.

1. WHY do we not mandate set, four year political elections ?

2. WHY cannot the federal gov’t set an energy agenda into the future ?

3. WHY cannot we outlaw business donations to political parties ?

4. WHY do we tolerate lobbyists ?

5. WHY must we slavishly fall in with American Foreign Policy when it suits the US ?

6. WHY cannot we allow offshore immigrants held in detention settle to in Australia ?

7. WHY cannot Dutton allow the Siri Lankan detainees on Christmas Island to return ?

8. WHY are we going to allow the Federal Gov’t to pass on the need to fund Aged Care ?

9. WHY did we let the Federal Gov’t reject the Uluru ‘Statement From the Heart” ?

10. WHY do we deny giving our First Nation People a voice in the constitution ?

11. WHY do we allow unfair and unequal admission and fees to university courses ?

12. WHY do we continue to fund private and Catholic schools in preference to gov’t schools ?

13. WHY cannot we restore the CSIRO to its former role of leading national research ?

14. WHY do we not see the benefits of nationalisation – i.e., do away with the seven states ?

15. WHY cannot we embrace the concept of euthanasia for those who desire it ?

Each subject would no doubt spawn many a political firestorm but imagine what might happen if we took the politics out of the debates. These conversations we must have could be decided by popular choice – plebiscites, the will of the people.