Current energy market locked into 20th century thinking

| March 3, 2017

The Turnbull government is keeping its focus on energy security by suggesting so-called ‘clean coal power’. Terrence Bondfield introduces two power sources Australia could pursue instead of coal.

I am dismayed that the government seems to be locked into 20th century thinking and not embracing the new technology and proven replacement energy sources.

Two relevant energy sources that Australia should pursue other than coal is thermal generated power and Thorium reactor power. Let me explain the two in simple terms because I am a simple person.

Australia has two thermal plates that can provide unlimited energy for free. One plate lies in Cooper Pedy, South Australia and the other is in Longreach, Queensland. What a god given piece of fortune – one field north and one south.

The science of thermal energy is a simple one: Just put water pipes down far enough for the water to turn to steam, which then is risen to turn the turbines to produce electricity. The people working on this are either fools or, under the capture of the energy coal fired system. They cannot seem to get a working model up. Well, I suggest to bring in the experts in thermal energy from New Zealand, as they have had this technology for decades.

These two thermal power generators could effectively power the eastern, northern and southern areas of Australia, but the odds are it will not happen because of the influence from the coal industry and the redundancy of the electricity power generators. Boy, it takes guts to be a government that leads without fear or favour!

Thorium reactors

The second source of electricity generation is the one I prefer, which is Thorium reactors. Now, I do know a great deal in regards to this subject, but rather than type all this I invite you to listen to Kirk Sorenen, a former rocket scientist, who is a passionate Thorium advocate.

Now bear in mind that China is first cab off the rank with this, as they are in pretty much everything these days. China is currently constructing 28 Thorium reactors to replace their coal fired generators. India is building a prototype reactor, as is Norway.

Australia has the biggest Thorium deposits in the world. Under current policy it looks like Australia is going to upgrade its coal generators.

Read the suggestions above and ask questions.


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  1. Alan Douglas

    April 3, 2017 at 11:20 pm

    Thorium reactors got off to an unfortunate start in France where an unsuitable heat transfer liquid was used, but now is seen as a viable energy source in more advanced countries. The Guardian ran a very interesting piece on it a while back. The concept of nuclear fusion is, of course better but still a way in the future with Britain, France and Germany spending large amounts on the project.
    Hopefully this piece will generate a lot of discussion, especially ata this time.