Ending age of entitlement – resources under threat yet again

| October 10, 2014

While he was in opposition in 2012, the then-shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey had promised to end ‘the age of entitlement’ in Australia. Laurence Strano says this raises the question of where to start.

Treasurer Joe Hockey’s May budget was heralded as ending the “age of entitlement” for business and cutting taxpayer grants and subsidies. “Ending the age of entitlement” is a horribly misused phrase and raises questions such as where do you start?

If we start at the beginning of life: Children are entitled to parental care, politicians are entitled to be known as subsidised taxpayer public servants, and resources, small business and any exportable item is entitled to happen in an efficient unfettered manner.

“Mining giants face EFIC loan overhaul” (AFR 9 October 2014) again evidenced a lack of understanding. EFIC (Export Finance and Insurance Corporation, Australia’s export credit agency) by its charter is not allowed to compete with what might be commercially available. Do we want resource projects? If so, then why differentiate and single out the mining giants and this sector for exclusion? Is this the tall poppy syndrome?

Assisting the small business sector is great, but these are not mutually exclusive activities. As the one-time Chief Economist of EFIC I must say that it is hardly desirable to be continually imposing negatives on the resource sector and believe we are entitled to do so.

I have to conclude that we have kamikaze views which permeate the extremism presented by the scorched earth few who like the luddites have got it wrong.



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