Feedback vital for strata regulatory reform

| February 14, 2012

As the Strata Laws online consultation enters its final weeks, NSW Minister for Fair Trading the Hon Anthony Roberts, calls for feedback on what parts of the current legislation are working well.

I am very pleased to see the tremendous response on this open forum to date. Many hundreds of people have taken the opportunity to have their say on these important set of laws. This initial round of feedback will be vital in assisting the Government on the complex and difficult task of regulatory reform.

Reforming the strata and community scheme laws is a big and challenging task. Unlike the previous Government, which put these issues in the ‘too hard’ basket, the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government is determined to get it right. The sector will only continue to grow and develop if we provide a regulatory framework that supports innovation, reduces red tape and sets clear rules for everyone involved.

I have read a lot of the comments and I am happy to see so many constructive suggestions have been put forward for how the law could be improved. Parking, pets, proxies and passive smoking are some of the recurring topics which were only to be expected. However, I have been pleasantly surprised by the breadth of issues the forum has helped to identify.

Many of those leaving comments have done so on multiple occasions or in response to issues or ideas raised by others. This type of positive interaction between stakeholders would not have been possible using more traditional consultation methods.

However, it is easy in a process like this to focus on the negatives. There are no doubt provisions in the legislation which are working fine and do not need to be changed. I am equally keen to hear about the good bits of the law as well.


Strata Consultation Questions:

Q1. What are the main areas of the existing strata and community scheme laws you would like to see changed?

Q2. Can you see any future issues that need to be addressed in the legislation?

Q3. How could the management of strata and community schemes be improved?

Q4. Are there any changes needed to the way disputes in strata and community schemes are resolved?




  1. billen ben

    February 15, 2012 at 2:12 am

    Mr Roberts; what works well

    The dispute resolution mechanism is a farce and a disaster.

    Most of the legislation works well if respected. The problem comes when people do not respect it and put self before their OC. People who have a commitment to meeting therequirements of the Act work well with the Act. Those who care little for the Act do not work well with the Act so either give them an exemption or come after them.

  2. letmein

    February 21, 2012 at 12:42 am

    Retrospective Bylaws please

    Min for F T NSW Hon Anthony Roberts MP wrote: 3 Feb 2012

    ‘ quote   ‘ Under the strata laws, there are no mandatory by-laws. Each strata scheme is subject to the by-laws that have been registered for the particular scheme ‘ end of quote.

    Why are there new drafts made and put into place and why do so many SM say’ it’s just in from F T so we are going on that ‘. This is a scare tactic I suggest as too few of the OC or EC ever get up-dates.

    None of us can change the past; the here and now and future…””yes we can ”” ok.

    However I submit that in not making nwe legislation and new by-laws retrospective; ALL community & strata titles aer up for min of 3-4 added meetings.. more E G M or OC and then have to call even more to get things passed..WHEN it is already done so via F T.

    Yet again, we the O C pay more and that is wrong to me.

    Comments please on this ..thanks !