Have your say on Strata and Community Scheme Laws

| December 22, 2011

One quarter of the population owns, lives or works in a strata building. NSW Minister for Finance and Services, Greg Pearce, believes the laws need to be flexible, accessible and balanced.

The NSW Government recognises the importance of the strata and community scheme legislation to the state’s economy.

It’s estimated that one quarter of the NSW population owns, works or lives in a strata titled building. With this in mind, we want to make sure that the strata and community scheme laws are flexible enough to encourage development of the homes, workspaces and recreational properties needed to supply our growing population yet at the same time encourage harmonious living for the many strata and community residents.

The strata and community scheme laws cover the whole range of issues spanning the life of a scheme, from its initial subdivision and development, throughout its use as, for example, homes, office blocks or shopping centres, up until its eventual redevelopment when the scheme is no longer viable.

The review, announced by the NSW Government and proposed for mid 2012, provides an opportunity to take a good look at the current laws to make sure they are serving their purpose. As a first step, the on-line consultation that GAP has initiated will provide valuable feedback on how the legislation is doing and what change is needed.

The legislation should be flexible and accessible, balancing the needs of developers, owners and residents, but is it?

I encourage you to have your say.


Q1. What are the main areas of the existing strata and community scheme laws you would like to see changed?

Q2. Can you see any future issues that need to be addressed in the legislation?

Q3. How could the management of strata and community schemes be improved?

Q4. Are there any changes needed to the way disputes in strata and community schemes are resolved?



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