Health and wellness trends that will define the “new normal”

| November 18, 2020

After the novel coronavirus outbreak, our lives drastically changed in an instant, forcing us to stay quarantined inside our homes and completely alter our daily routines.

Apart from allowing us to be safer, more cautious and more responsible, such a lifestyle change has also given us the opportunity to focus more on our health, presenting new wellness trends that have entirely redefined the way we live our lives.

To that end, here are some of the biggest health and fitness changes that are bound to become the new normal post COVID-19:

Physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle

Since the beginning of this year, many have started exercising more frequently and more vigorously than ever before.

Whether it’s due to the amount of free time we suddenly have, the comfort of performing exercises at home, or even the health benefits of exercise we all need during the COVID-19 period, regular physical activity has become an integral part of our daily routine, and will undoubtedly continue to stay present in the future.

However, the type of workouts we do has changed as well. As the lockdowns and closures have forced most of us to stay home and move our business online, the exercise routines have also shifted.

New exercise trends now include YouTube videos, pre-recorded fitness videos, and even livestream fitness classes or online online sessions with personal trainers, all of which have slowly become the new wellness normal.

Enhanced cleanliness and safety practices

In some parts of the world, businesses are slowly opening up and starting to operate at their usual capacities, including gyms and other fitness centres. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean workouts look exactly the same as they used to.

For instance, many gyms are now making an effort to enforce social distancing guidelines by taping off machines or taking group classes outside, as an additional safety measure even in those areas where the pandemic is under control.

Similarly, hand sanitisers are often provided at the entrance, and gym members are encouraged to wipe down any surfaces before and after coming into contact with them.

The fitness centres themselves have also increased their sanitisation practices with more frequent deep cleaning of their facilities. Evidently, the novel coronavirus has shown us just how important prevention can be in high-traffic areas, forcing us to change our habits.

Building immunity with beneficial supplements

Our immune system is the most important natural shield our body has for protection against infections and diseases, which might explain why people are more keen than ever to improve their immunity after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

For this reason, immune supplements have seen an uptick in popularity this year, particularly a premium isolate protein in the form of whey powder.

Apart from being rich in beneficial amino acids, whey protein also contains an antioxidant called glutathione, which is necessary for the production of white blood cells, and strengthening the immune system.

Along with other immunity-boosting nutrients, such as leucine, L-glutamine and L-arginine, whey protein seems to be the best and most efficient supplement for building the immune system.

Improved and more thoughtful nutritional habits

Achieving a mind-body connection through exercise isn’t quite enough during such an unexpected time as the COVID-19 pandemic; balanced nutrition is also necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

And as many were forced to spend most of their time at home, it became easier to devote time to preparing healthy and nourishing meals each day, allowing people to form better eating habits, and make them a vital part of their daily routine moving forward.

What’s more, the type of produce used has changed as well. All around the globe people are opting for natural, organic and fair-trade food, making it a new trend that will only continue to rise in popularity.

As these types of products are generally considered to be safer, healthier and more nutritious, it’s no surprise they’ve become the new normal during such a health-conscious time.

A new focus on chiropractic care

Although it encouraged some positive changes, the new work-from-home lifestyle doesn’t come without its drawbacks, however. As the days are mostly spent working remotely, either by being bound to a desk or by using a laptop in all parts of the home, people have reported new health issues, mostly in the form of back and joint pain.

For this reason, functional medicine and chiropractic care have become increasingly popular, allowing people to rid themselves of the new ailments and any other negative impacts of their novel lifestyles. As such treatments tend to make people feel fresh and rejuvenated afterwards, they’re also considered to be a new form of relaxation and self-care, something necessary during this stressful pandemic period.

Even though the COVID-19 outbreak has presented a number of challenges, both when it comes to physical and mental health, it also forced us to reevaluate our lifestyles, leading us to make healthier and more positive changes we are intent on keeping.