Human Rights

| July 6, 2009

Effective Human Rights = effective legal aid!  Pay for it, or lose it!  

The current consultation process around Australians' views of human rights has caught my notice – too late to contribute, however, and unable to make my contribution to that process, I want to raise it here.   

I am familiar with some developments as far as a bill of rights is concerned; apparently Victoria (where i live) has one.  I was startled when heard we were getting one because it was managed in such a low key way and, for a while, I did not know what to think of the idea – was it a good thing for people or not?

As part of the broader topic of human rights, however, I am minded of the necessity of beng able to access one's human rights.  I don't know how this is addressed in the Victorian Bill, but if Australia was to adopt one, or was to adopt a more comprehensive, dynamic approach to human rights, access to them must be guaranteed.  I guess this means efective aid with costs associated with addressing rights concerns.

Surely this alone means that nothing will happen to increase the role of human rights in australia?