National Cloud Computing Strategy released

| May 29, 2013

Senator Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, released the National Cloud Computing Strategy, today. Lisa Middlebrook from Global Access Partners explains how cloud technology can benefit Australian businesses, charities and homes.

After a year of meetings and discussions, the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE) in partnership  with the National Standing Committee on Cloud Computing (NSCCC) have released the National Cloud Computing Strategy.

The strategy is designed to not just provide a policy platform for cloud computing but help promote the use of cloud and its benefits for Australian households and businesses.

The overall message of the paper is to “just get on with it.” Embrace the cloud and take advantage of all it can offer. Well, so what? Why convene many government and industry experts for over a year to just say “get on with it”?National Cloud Computing Strategy

But that’s the beauty of the piece; the strategy clearly states how the government will simply help consumers and businesses get on with adopting cloud technology. The benefit of cloud technology allows companies to do what they do best, to focus on their core product or services while leaving the ICT specs to someone else. This paper does the same.

The government is getting out of the regulatory cloud and allowing business to serve consumers first. The government will do more to adopt cloud services in its own departments, so that the departments can better serve all Australian constituents. Industry will do more to promote its services and its codes of practice, so that consumers can be more informed and feel more secure in adopting cloud services. The committee will help the non-profit and charity sector adopt cloud services to help them cut costs and deliver services.

In fact, the committee will now turn its efforts into helping this sector take up cloud services. Many small charities and non-profits are unaware of cloud services, or they use cloud services on a very limited basis. Many non-profits and charities spend between five and ten per cent of their revenues on technology and services that could be delivered to them through the cloud, consequently saving this sector millions of dollars each year. The committee and the department will now work on helping charities better use cloud data management, cloud software, marketing and design capabilities in the cloud and most importantly the communications benefits of cloud technology.

The paper will be released by Senator Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy today but further to this, its directives on cloud services will be featured prominently in the National Digital Economy Strategy to be released later in June. With the discussion and promotion of cloud technologies, we believe Australians will be well placed to garner the best of what technology can offer their businesses and their lives.



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