Prepare for digital transformation

| March 5, 2016
Digital Disruption X 2016

Digital Disruption X 2016 is a conference taking place in Sydney on 22-23 March 2016. It is aimed at c-level executives exploring how to adapt and prepare for digital transformation across all areas of business.

As part of Digital Transformation Week, more than 35 speakers from sectors like banking, retail, government, insurance, media and real estate are discussing how you can set up your organisation for the new state of business and leverage disruption to grow.

Following are a few topics that are going to be addressed:

  • Building partnerships to foster innovation
  • Creating a culture for innovation and empowering employees to be entrepreneurs
  • Leveraging data to build competitiveness
  • Anticipating and preparing for future disruption
  • Eliminating siloes and collaborating for disruptive innovation
  • Rethinking existing processes and structures
  • Identifying who is best placed to drive disruptive innovation within your organisation
  • Being an effective digital leader
  • Identifying benchmarks and measuring success of digital transformation
  • Creating a collaborative and Creative Work place

Please follow the links to download the full agenda, see the list of speakers and to register.