• Watch your kids around water

    Open Forum     |      December 8, 2019

    Leaving young children unsupervised in or near water while checking a pot on the stove, hanging washing out to dry or monitoring other children can lead to tragedy.

  • Contractor safety is good for business

    Stella Ryne     |      October 15, 2019

    Over 30 Australian construction workers are killed through falls, vehicle accidents, being hit by objects or contact with electricity every year, and more than 10,000 are seriously injured. It’s the most dangerous job in Australia and it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep things safe on every building site.

  • Motivated employees make safer workplaces

    Open Forum     |      April 25, 2019

    Motivated employees who take initiative at work could hold the key to making Australian workplaces safer, new research involving Curtin University researchers has found.

  • Solving the Max 8 accident riddle

    Geoffrey Dell     |      March 16, 2019

    Australia’s decision to suspend all Boeing 737 Max 8 flights in and out of the country appears to be a prudent precaution in the wake of 2 recent major accidents.

  • Keeping your kids safe if they’re home alone in the holiday

    Natalie Gately     |      December 18, 2018

    Unlike some other countries, it’s not illegal in Australia to leave children ‘home alone’, but some simple steps can help keep them safe if an adult can’t be with them all the time over the holidays.

  • Reducing the death toll on Victoria’s roads

    Open Forum     |      December 5, 2018

    Victoria has been working to reduce the death toll on its roads for over 50 years, but more work needs to be done to encourage safer driving habits among its road users.

  • Bike helmets should be here to stay

    Open Forum     |      November 4, 2018

    Recent calls by lobbyists for changes to the bicycle helmet law are misguided and threaten the safety of riders according to Professor Narelle Haworth, director of QUT’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety.