• Falling into China’s technology trap

    Kai von Carnap     |      February 7, 2022

    China’s communist party sees technology as a tool to tighten its grip on internal dissent and extend its power overseas, and so Chinese attempts to standardise technology around the world should be viewed with caution.

  • Benchmarking critical technologies

    Samantha Hoffman     |      December 7, 2021

    Technology policy formulation has gained a renewed importance for governments in the era of strategic competition, but contextual understanding and expertise in deciding where to focus efforts are lacking.

  • A strategic investment fund for advanced technology

    Craig Mudge     |      December 4, 2021

    Australia is up with the best in the science of quantum computing, but new approaches are needed to address deficiencies in our defence and intelligence technology.

  • Australia needs ‘deep technology’ companies

    Julian Waters-Lynch     |      September 13, 2021

    Tomorrow’s economy and society will be built with today’s scientific breakthroughs in deep technology ventures.

  • The cutting edge

    Michael Shoebridge     |      July 26, 2021

    To face the threat posed by China, Australia must fast-track new technology into the hands of our sailors, soldiers and aviators.

  • Australia can learn from South Korea’s tech success

    Alice Dawkins     |      July 7, 2021

    Australia’s recent attempts to regulate tech giants has done little for the long-term prospects of its national innovation ecosystem. As South Korea shows, there are other ways to achieve these goals.

  • Supporting technology in Australia’s public sector

    Lesley Seebeck     |      April 3, 2021

    There is no silver bullet to improve government technology, but new funding measures will help modernise its systems and services and position the public service for a world of increasing digitalisation and technological competition.

  • Healthcare sector should reach out to technology scale-ups 

    Zivit Inbar     |      March 12, 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the use of technology and opened opportunities for the health care industry, but also showed us that we need to make some critical changes.  

  • Budget rules erode Australian government’s capacity to embrace technology

    Lesley Seebeck     |      March 9, 2021

    Digital technology is intrinsic to government operations and service delivery and the government’s interactions with citizens. The government has to learn to be a smart and savvy manager of technology in a world of accelerating technological competition while overcoming its own fragility and emaciation.

  • Avoiding the technology trap

    Lesley Seebeck     |      December 9, 2020

    At a recent Australian e-commerce summit, Prime Minister Scott Morrison praised technology adoption – rather than domestic innovation – as a means of driving economic returns.

  • Are you “technostressed”?

    Reeva Lederman     |      September 12, 2020

    As many of us continue to work from home during COVID-19, there’s increasing incidence of “technostress” and “techno-overload” among workers that needs to be addressed.

  • Hard lessons and soft power

    Joseph Nye     |      April 30, 2020

    If American policy continues its current chaotic path, COVID-19 will inevitably accelerate existing trends towards nationalistic populism and authoritarian uses of technology.