The long march for racial justice

| June 7, 2020

It was so good to see tens of thousands of people in Australia finally doing the right thing and marching for racial justice, despite fascist like government orders to stay at home.

432 deaths in custody in Australia since the 1990s is nothing to be proud of and there have been no convictions of police officers for these crimes.
I lived through 16 years of  watching  racism while living in the USA, and 20 years in Australia. Both countries were blatant in their racism because the perpetrators knew they didn’t have to be accountable, and if they were, never prosecuted or punished, due to the ‘old boy ‘ network endemic in the police and judicial system.
The Palm Island death of Cameron Doomadgee was a classic example. A man goes into police custody alive and well and comes out in a body bag. No justice.
Nothing has changed , as we saw this week with an aboriginal teenager being slammed face down into the pavement when he was already handcuffed and unable to stop his teeth from being broken.  The Police comment was that the ‘officer was having a bad day’!   No mate , that’s assault and he should be terminated from his position.
Shortly before I left the USA , I was living in Houston where George Floyd lived – he went north to get away from southern racism.
In the small town of Jasper Texas , a black man named James Byrd was walking home from a night shift  when a pick up truck with 3 youths invited him in the truck… he got in, probably because he had no alternative. They put a chain around his legs and dragged him from behind the truck for 3 miles until his body was completely dismembered.
It took a long trial to convict the men.  Rumor suggested they were KKK members , as were some of the jurors. The KKK is alive and well in the south, easily identified by the 3 crosses in their front gardens, many of them will be current Trump supporters.
Australian racists aren’t so identifiable, and I wonder how many aboriginal men have been murdered in the outback or rural towns where no one talks.
Many Australians complain how Aboriginals don’t appreciate what has been done for them. What fools they are.
The famous Arab actor Omar Sharif stated that Tribal people will always remain tribal, it’s their spiritual base and their soul is part of the land.  He should know, he was an Arab.
They don’t want suburban cities on their land, or white man’s law.
Native Americans, African Americans and Aboriginal people of all countries have suffered deeply because of white invasion. The country, land, and children stolen. Brutal deaths and languages lost.
White man has a lot of reparation to do world wide. Step up and listen to the people and souls you decimated.