Year in review 2013

| December 23, 2013

I would to thank you, the Open Forum community, for all the support you have shown throughout 2013. As readers and bloggers you play a major role in shaping the content of this website.

I think it is important to highlight some of the most successful blogs of 2013, and I encourage you to spend the festive season exploring the wealth of content we have featured over the year.

We started 2013 by discussing Travel & Tourism. This was followed by featured forums on Future of Education, Productive Ageing, Parenting, Food Sustainability and Multicultural Australia. We’ll continue to explore Health & Wellbeing in January 2014.

In May the GAP/ACHR A Future without ‘Age’ Conference was held in the NSW Parliament House, resulting in a number of blogs and keynote speeches exploring the subject. In September Global Access Partners held its Annual Growth Summit with Food Sustainability as its focal point, leading to a multitude of blogs and published speeches.

Some of our popular blogs this year were:

On behalf of Global Access Partners and the team at Open Forum I’d like to wish you all the best for the festive season. I look forward to continue discussing ideas and working with you in 2014.



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