15 ways to welcome spring into your home

| September 14, 2019

Spring is finally on its way to Australia. From blossoming flowers to warm sun rays, everyone is ready to hang up your coats and make the most of the colours and sentiments that spring is all about. A change of season is the perfect time to introduce new activities to the exercise regimes, update existing routines, and set new wellness or career goals.

Here are some simple ways to welcome it into your home this year.

Spring Clean

Give your home and spirits a lift with a thorough spring clean.

Clean out your pantry and throw out anything that’s out of date or that you won’t use. If you’re feeling like it might be time for a diet, clean out anything you know you would want to be cutting out. There’s no better time than the start of spring to make healthy choices.

You can clean up the walls of fingerprints and other marks because they will show up more in natural light. Give windows a good clean inside and out to brighten up rooms, and open them all up to let the fresh spring air in.

Go through your wardrobes and donate anything you no longer wear. Pack away your winter items and rotate lighter clothes to the front. Take this opportunity to clean out bigger items you might skip in your weekly clean.

Brighten Your Door

Welcome guests right when they walk in the front door, with a simple and beautiful spring wreath that is made out of branches, moss and a few ever-versatile air plants. It will make your door look super colourful and beautiful.

Mudroom Makeover

Put a few hours aside and organize your mudroom for springtime. Wash and put away winter gear like jackets, hats, gloves and snow boots. Give the floors a good scrub, and unpack your summer gear, like rain boots and sandals. Make sure your beach towels, baskets and picnic supplies are readily on hand. When that first sunny day comes, you’ll be ready to grab it and go.

Decorate Your Entryway


Getting the outside of your home arranged for spring is just as important as the inside. Decorate your entryway with blossoming wreaths or potted flowers to properly welcome your guests and create an inviting new look for the season.

Fresh Scents

Another easy spring refresh idea is adding your favourite spring scents to rooms. Who doesn’t let the smell of spring? Lavender, peonies, roses, are the most popular smells. You can also add rose-infused oil to your powder rooms to rid any memories of winter.

Swap Out Your Winter Artwork

One of the best ways to easily and affordably give your home a new fresh look for spring is to move around your artwork. Refresh your home with some new artwork that’s been out of the way in perhaps a bedroom and use it as inspiration to update accessories such as your cushions and throw blankets.

Add Colour

A pop of colour is a great and easy way to bring some spring energy into your home. For an inexpensive fix, paint a piece of furniture or an object with a cool vibrant colour. Think of it as a great opportunity to redo something you own but have got bored with it.

Change Curtains


Let the light in. Nothing feels more like spring than fresh air and natural sunlight, so open up those curtains and let in the fresh air. Spring is in the air and you should let it circulating through your house. If your curtains are large and dark, consider switching them out for a light and flowing feel.

Rearrange Your Coffee Table


One of the best, easiest ways you can do is shop your own home and redecorate a coffee or side table. You can put some colourful books and magazines, or just a simple colourful vase.

Update Linens

One of the best ways to transition our home through the seasons is by changing our pillow covers and linens. You can add cute flower print pillowcases and bright coloured throw blankets. Store out-of-season covers and throws in you linen cabinet.

New Hand Towels

Hand towels need to be replaced more regularly than other linens. Changing towels that are worn out or dark, is the best part of a spring cleaning routine. Replacing hand towels is one of the best spring home decorating ideas. It is really inexpensive and still offers a nice impact for minimal effort.

Stack some Colorful Dishes


Having colourful stacked dishes are part of a tablescape that is good to put together, especially for spring, to make your kitchen happy and colourful. You could do something as simple as pulling out a colourful container for displaying fresh fruit on your counter if you don’t have colourful dishes to display.

Cook with Spring Flavours

Lemonade, strawberry, lavender sorbet, the options are endless when it comes to cooking with spring ingredients. Keep your kitchen stocked with fruits and seasonal veggies that are light and refreshing. Purchase treats that really scream springtime.

Add Flowers


Just as flowers bloom outdoors, bring some in as well. Fresh flowers bring a room to life, so add some plants or fresh cut blooms throughout your home.

A fresh posy will bring your home to life. Be creative and have fun with cute vases to add personality and happiness. But if you don’t have time to find and arrange flowers by yourself find a flower delivery in Sydney and they will gladly do it for you.

Pretty Up Your Patio

If you have put away your patio furniture during the winter or just haven’t updated the decor in a while, invest a little time into beautifying the outside space. You’re really going to appreciate it when a sunny day rolls around.