• Russia’s way out – Putin must go

    Bob Ford     |      April 1, 2022

    Adding to the bounty on Putin’s arrest or assassination would be another way to ramp up pressure on Russia’s dictator, and might just offer the easiest end to his bloody campaign in Ukraine.

  • No taxation without representation

    Bob Ford     |      March 27, 2022

    Australia’s insistence on mandatory voting in elections does not guarantee proper representation for absent property owners and ratepayers in local government.

  • A question of heritage

    Bob Ford     |      March 26, 2022

    Australia has welcomed immigrants from many countries, and, together with indigenous people, we should all be Australians first.

  • Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

    Bob Ford     |      March 9, 2022

    The current flood crisis – and international events – highlight the need for better long term planning in government to protect the nation against both natural and man-made threats.

  • It’s time for action to save Ukraine

    Bob Ford     |      March 8, 2022

    With the situation in Ukraine reaching a critical point, Western democracies must back their rhetoric with action to force the Russian invaders back behind their borders once again.