It’s time for action to save Ukraine

| March 8, 2022

I believe the West has forgotten the lessons of history. When an autocrat such as Vladimir Putin decides on conquest to gain territory, the response should be immediate and, while a nuclear response is the absolute last option, it should clearly put on the table to deter an all out Russian attack.

The EU and other Western democracies should commence an immediate maritime blockade of all Russian ports, with notice provided that Russian flagged or owned vessels will be seized or sunk on site. Such a blockade, effected by the combined fleets of Western forces both above and below the waves, should prove effective.

A no-Fly zone imposed over international airspace should prevent all Russian aircraft utilizing airspace other than over Russia itself, while completely banning the export and import of Russian oil and gas would cripple that nation’s economy.

It is pointless possessing weapons you will not use, The Korean and Vietnam Wars would have had a very different outcome if all weapons at the West’s disposal had been used. Putin should also be reminded it was Western convoys that initially kept Russia and Stalin in World War 2. That the west are good allies but deadly enemies.

It should be made crystal clear at the outset of action that the conflict will only end when all Ukrainian territory has been returned to Ukraine, including the Crimean Peninsula. Russia should also pay war reparations to rebuild the Ukrainian infrastructure their bloody invasion has destroyed.

China is watching closely and have made plain their support for Russian aggression. The only deterrent to Putin’s or Chinese ambitions is strength, and a total crippling and deadly overwhelming response to Russia now.

Yes, at a risk of starting World War 3, Putin should be reminded that if a Cessna light plane can fly across Russia and land in Red Square undetected – as West German teenager Mathias Rust did in 1987, a nuclear tipped Ballistic Missiles could well be landing in his lap at any moment.

Let Putin know in no uncertain terms he will be remembered in the future as the person who obliterated Russia as a nation if he does not withdraw from Ukraine immediately.

This piece was written by Bob and Colleen Ford.