Autism Awareness Month

| March 22, 2013

April is Autism Awareness Month – a time when Autism Associations and people around the world raise their voices together for Autism awareness. On World Autism Awareness Day, Tuesday 2 April 2013, iconic buildings across Australia and the world will ‘Light It Up Blue’ for the entire month of April to promote autism awareness.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that manifests itself during the first three years of life. The rate of autism in all regions of the world is high and it has a tremendous impact on children, their families, communities and societies.

In Australia, Autism affects more than 1 in every 110 people. The Federal Government’s Helping Children with Autism currently falls short of the recommended 1000 hours of early intervention per year for two years for every pre-school child with autism.

Autism Associations throughout Australia are holding events all throughout April.