Boys’ Road Trip

| November 27, 2009

One evening a couple of years ago there was a security breach at our National Capital’s Airport. In a rather convoluted way, that event led me to new friends, colleagues and opportunities.  

But, I’ll begin my story a just a little earlier than that, on the morning of the same day.
Following an early start from Sydney I landed at Canberra Airport and strolled outside to hire myself an AVIS rent a car. As I approached the counter somebody muscled in on me. I wasn’t in a rush, and they obviously were, so I let them go ahead of me and then in turn leisurely did my own paperwork.
Come the end of my day of meetings in Canberra I returned the rental car. However when I entered the terminal to depart I was unable to board as there had been a security breach. Lots of people were milling around without a flight and so I thought perhaps it would be quicker to drive back to Sydney.
Standing in the queue back at AVIS to rent another car and who should be standing in front of me with the same idea than my acquaintance from the morning. So I asked, “What about we drive back to Sydney together?”
“Yes”, he said.
I suggested, “Let’s try to get another two people and then we’ll be a full carload”.  
So I wandered back to QANTAS departures and began introducing myself to strangers. Eventually I made two new friends who liked our plan. In the end, one of them decided to wait it out for a flight. And so we were three. Peter, Peter & Andrew.          
With a three and a half hour drive ahead, I began getting to know my travelling companions with the customary line of questioning.
Peter worked for Citirx and Andrew was an obstetrician.
Soon we were all getting along very well. At that time I had a vineyard and restaurant in Berrima, so we decided to stop over for dinner. What had begun as a major inconvenience unfurled into a thoroughly enjoyable evening as we discovered a number of common interests.
We kept in touch, having coffee occasionally to pick up on the threads of those original conversations. 
Over the years Peter Brockhoff was gradually promoted, and went from being a medium cog to a big cheese at Citrix. Dr Andrew Pesce is now head of the Australian Medical Association (AMA). In due course both were invited to join the GAP Consultative Committee on eHealth.
On Monday 30 November 2009 all three of us will be participating at the GAP/ACHR Congress on Australia’s Health. There, along with more than a hundred other colleagues we will be coming together to continue our discussion; about matters to do with our work, our hobbies and building a common vision in a space that encompasses our individual chosen fields. 
Peter Fritz AM is Managing Director of Global Access Partners, and Group Managing Director of TCG – a diverse group of companies which over the last 38 years has produced many breakthrough discoveries in computer and communication technologies. He chairs a number of influential government and private enterprise boards and is active in the international arena, including having represented Australia on the OECD Small and Medium Size Enterprise Committee.


  1. miamylimo

    April 28, 2015 at 3:55 am


    What a lovely story! We can never say a blessing in disguise, right? It is nice to know that sometimes, in every misfortune we encounter in our daily lives there's this silver lining behind it. Well, in your case you found friends or should I say companions.