Chippendale Valley to accelerate start-up successes

| October 18, 2011

In response to the Federal Government’s call for innovation in business, the TCG Group of Companies has opened a new business incubator. Group Managing Director, Peter Fritz, outlines the newly formed business venture.

TCG has been in business incubation for a long time. TCG is the oldest Australian IT company beginning as a start-up business in 1971. Ever since then every company in the Group has been started from nothing, with the exception of our real estate companies.

I have found the most valuable contribution that TCG brings to any partnership is its corporate memory and its network of contacts.

The way we are looking at technological change as a business opportunity, the way we assess a proposal for joint venture, the way we manage the beginning, the cash flow, the marketing and selling, all have roots in the underground experience we have gained over the many years of operation.

Since 1971 we have created dozens of innovations and innovative businesses. We have a track record of having turned start-up businesses into major companies. And, with no failures to speak of in the TCG family of partners and companies, we are unique.

Now we are looking again to start something new. At our offices in Chippendale we have just opened a new type of incubator, called Chippendale Valley.

We are embedding new start-ups with existing companies in an open space office environment. We are providing access to the TCG network and financial services at a discounted rate, thus ensuring the venture is not over loaded with expenses. We are open to all types of business in a joint venture model.

With GAP, the not-for-profit initiative of the TCG Group, the newly formed joint venture has all of the resources and services that only very large companies have. Effectively all services, other than the core business of the venture, are outsourced to experts who normally are not available even to large companies, at a price which is readily affordable. This allows for the successful development of compatible, entrepreneurial companies through our ongoing business support.

In this way we are pleased to be able to answer the Federal Governments’ call to innovate in order to help build a broad based and sustainable economy for Australia.


Peter Fritz AM is Managing Director of Global Access Partners, and Group Managing Director of TCG – a diverse group of companies which over the last 40 years has produced many breakthrough discoveries in computer and communication technologies. He chairs a number of influential government and private enterprise boards and is active in the international arena, including having represented Australia on the OECD Small and Medium Size Enterprise Committee.