Managing for change – how to make your future brighter, today

| October 27, 2014

The world around us is constantly changing. Peter Fritz and Brad Howarth have written a book that aims to teach you how to constantly assess the future and develop skills in predicting and managing the forces of change.

This book is the result of many conversations over coffee and the authors’ shared interest in understanding the ‘what ifs’ of planning for change in life. Not just responding to change once it has happened, but actually anticipating change and implementing strategies to manage for it.

We said to ourselves, eventually the future will be the present… but what if we could tell the future? Would that not give us an edge on life? And slowly, what was at the start a rather far-fetched proposition, took shape.

Much of human progression is linked to ingenuity – namely, finding new insights and building on that knowledge. Most of the time it is an evolutionary process, with occasional revolutionary turmoil that settles down again to a more leisurely pace of development.

As we explored the notion of how to tell the future for our use in the present we realised that the technologies that will shape the world of tomorrow are already known today.

A clear picture emerged: to lead a happy, successful life – whatever that means to you – now and tomorrow, you need to continually reassess the future and develop an ability to predict, adapt to and cope with the forces of change. You need to manage for change.

Ultimately, Brad and I intend for this book to be a practical guide for our respective children; one that will provide them with a useful compass through the all-too-short journey of life and enable them to anticipate and manage future change.

But change affects everyone and for this reason Managing for change is essential reading for anyone who wishes to have a better life and a brighter future.