Migration Agents need to do better

| July 12, 2009

What trust can asylum seekers put in migration agents?  These people charge high fees for doing nothing but filling out and filing some forms.  The claims in the forms are often not explained to the asylum seekers who are just told to sign their name and put their trust in the agent.  These agents receive minimal training before they receive their licence to print money and the regulation of their industry is a joke.  They have the morals and integrity of alley cats and many don’t even bother to show up for their client’s hearings on their claims.  Little wonder that the asylum seekers so often lose their cases.  What do the agents care?  They have the money and are content to feed the process.  And guess what?  The agents make sure that they are protected by making political donations in sensitive western sydney electorates.  Nobody gets disciplined–well none of the big time operators who make the donations anyway.

 Lets explore precisely who makes these political donations and who benefits from them.  Then lets correlate that with who are the biggest earners amongst the miration agents.  And who have the worst reputations for agent fraud?  And just in case someone starts asking probing questions, who appoints the Tribunal members and judges who adjudicate the claims made by these people?  Hmmm.  Some interesting questions there.