Nominations open for the MIKE awards

| July 13, 2019

Nominations are open for this year’s inaugural Australia/New Zealand Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprises (MIKE) Awards 2019 – an initiative of AusKM, Global Access Partners, and Macquarie University.

The Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award builds on the original Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award conceived by Mr Rory Chase of Teleos in 1998.

Established by Teleos in association with the KNOW Network, the Global MAKE research program conducted a number of regional and national MAKE studies and over the last twenty years has witnessed a progressive maturing of knowledge management, which enabled the making of many successful companies and organisations worldwide.

On his retirement, the programme’s founder Rory Chase announced the successful completion of the Global MAKE Award in 2017.

After closing of the Award, an international working group has been formed to continue and build upon the MAKE framework to a new dimension, through the MIKE Awards which stand for the Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprises.

The name change is because we want to showcase both innovation and existing knowledge to identify and recognise those organisations which are creating shareholder and or stakeholder wealth by leveraging new innovative and existing enterprise knowledge into superior products, services, and solutions.

The MIKE Awards are based on the original Global MAKE study, and we have substantially revised the MAKE assessment criteria. Thus, the new MIKE assessment is updated to reflect the growing dynamism of today’s innovative knowledge-based enterprises.

The purposes of the MIKE Awards are to:

Recognise the achievement of companies and organisations on their innovation performance as a result of their effort in implementing good practices in knowledge and intellectual capital management.

Create opportunities for companies/organisations to learn from one another to enhance their practices, and

Provide expert feedback from the judges to applicants for their continued improvement.

Evaluation Process

A panel of leading knowledge management practitioners and academics from the Australian Knowledge Management Community will be formed to select the winners of the Australian / New Zealand MIKE Awards.

Applicants are required to submit a written report as per the following MIKE Assessment Criteria in relation to their chosen Knowledge Project/Initiative/Program.

Any organisation operating in Australia or New Zealand is eligible to apply. Applicants should complete the application form and return to the email address on the form.

Application fee for administration and processing costs will be waived for this first year of Awards.

Submissions close for judging on Friday, 9th August 2019 and the results will be announced at the end of August 2019.  The winners of the Australia/New Zealand Category will be submitted to Hong Kong for Global Assessment at the end of September 2019.