Which challenge will you take on?

| January 29, 2015
FebFast 2015

FebFast is a charity that raises money to fight youth addiction by challenging you to give up your favourite vice for 28 days. In the past the focus was on alcohol, but this year FebFasters are invited to choose from five habits one that they are going to abstain from – alcohol, nicotine, sugar, junk food or social media.

This is how it works:

Pick a challenge: can you take a 28 day alcohol, sugar, junk food, smoking or social media detox?

Register online: form a team, join a team or go solo. You choose the registration price, with proceeds going towards our campaign target of $1,000,000.

You will be supported with apps, eMagazines, blogs, email, SMS and expert help. Heading out? Go to one of the FebFast Friendly Venues to avoid falling off the wagon.

Fundraise as you go: via your personalised online fundraising page (linked to the mobile app) and containing all the tools you need.

Get healthy: tame a habit, lose some weight, improve your sleep… whatever your health goal, a circuit breaker can be the perfect way to kick start a healthier year.

To find FebFast friendly locations, resources and more info, go to their website.