Counterpoint by Mark Nicol – World peace: Why the West must crush Chinese ambitions

| October 29, 2020

Blonde and busty, for the 70s beauty pageant contestant this was the clincher answer to the standard probing question, “What are your hopes for the future?”
“World peace!”

In intellectual and moral comparison, our cloned visionaries Bandt, Hanson-Young, Garrett, deserve equal status here, as designers of peace and prosperity for all, man and beast alike. But the abject projection of the average beauty queen would be less detrimental to the true end cause.

Imagine for a moment a world where Western civilization, or modernized culture was the only existent denomination. Imagine that Asia, Africa, Russia, the Middle East, and even South America do not exist. In sociological and ecological terms, what would be the likely state of play?

After a thousand years, wherein West European proto-States torturously resolved Nation State statuses, they have also forwarded that convulsive process which threw the despotic yoke of monarchical autocracy aligned with insidious theocracy.

The Modern Liberal Secular State is founded as the first human civilization escaping the 5,000 year fetters of the Ancient Regime. This is the dawning of that radiant, liberated prospectus which Taoist, Confucianist, Buddhist, Christian, Vedic and Hellenic visionaries had failed to consolidate, two thousand years earlier.

The final throes of Western nationalist violence are wrought out in the mid 20th Century, via German, Italian, and intruding Japanese designs of ethnic supremacy. Let us put to one side the subsequent Western grappling with Communist empire builders, with fortuitously oil-rich Theocratic States.

Emblematically, Germany, Japan have retracted as belligerent egoistic States. In fact, all Western States have reined in their stakes of empire, realizing that the days of running subjugate dominions are, forcibly, over. By the late 20th Century, even the new Western satellite States of the USA, Canada, and Australia have recanted upon the supremacist principle imposing brute dominions over lesser peoples.

The Eclipse of America

Arguably, in the late 20th Century the new bastion economic, military power in the world, the USA, is running a covert empire, based upon economic, military, political manipulations. But nowhere is this dominance effected as military occupation, the standard arbiter of imperialistic dominion.

Nonetheless, an internecine culture becomes increasingly obsessed with exposing, vilifying this US Capitalist footprint. This will be the complementary, intra-Western political force, unwittingly working in tandem with new imperialist aspirants and outright troublemakers on the global stage, perilously weakening the standing of the Modern Liberal State.

Considered, discrete from other global political cultures, modernized civilization, inclusive of Japan, has in the seven decades since the end of WWII enjoyed the peaceful, prosperous fruition of a very hard learned éntente cordiale. Everyone in this community has learnt that the only sustainable way to forge national prosperity, it is to progress peaceful economic competition.

Discrete from other global political cultures this modernized consortium has forged peace, prosperity for all, to this extent. We might even, without the burden, threat, and maniacal dynamo generated by incompetent Primitive World cultures, by aggressive Ancient World States, be forging global ecological peace, as well.

If Asia, Africa, South America, Russia and the Middle East were wiped from the slate the modernized cultures could this day be properly pursuing that environmentalist agenda reducing demographic overload on the planet.

Via this policy, the base logistical cause for the geoecological plus geopolitical crises we now face, would be eradicated. All living beings on Earth would have enough providing space to live in. The only remaining cause for excessive predatory actions would be cultured egoistic ideologies, nationalistic or just anthropocentric.

Realistically though, this civil corpus, Modernist Civilization, it is lumbered with the monumental volitional incompetence of Primitive cultures consistently failing in economic, political, human terms, burgeoning in populations. We are further confronted with essentially Ancient World belligerents, China, Russia, Islam, deranged in their hopes to stake global dominions. The perilous ecological fragility of this planet will not survive another outright human onslaught.

Then we have treacherous politickers within the West, doing everything to patronize the Primitive and Ancient Worlds, perpetrating every inconceivable act shooting the West in the foot. This is the pseudo-intellectual lobby conceitedly proclaiming its humanitarian, environmentalist credentials, its bathing girl banner.

The Bogey Man on the world stage today is decidedly not the USA. It is China. And, in any erudite analysis, it is China for these reasons.

Firstly, if the US is arguably running a covert empire, it is one neither occupational nor ruinous to any ‘Mignon States’. Furthermore, self-censorship in US political culture has been strident, since the 1960s. No self-censorship is exercised by the real imperialistic pugilists on the world stage today, China, Russia, Islam. China, for reasons of its singular tenacity, stealth, and capability in the cause, is the dynamo obliterating any imminent hope for world peace, human and ecological.

The Rise of China

The cumulative evidence speaks for itself.

China has doubled its military expenditure in the last decade, reaching US $261 billion for 2019, compared to the US spend of $686 billion. China edges closer as military equal every year. In economic terms, the 2020 GDP figures, US $22.32 trillion to China $15.27, reveal the real gap. We then figure the tenacity of Sinese militarization by comparing per capita average wages – US $65,760 to China $10,410.

Totalitarian States invariably manage tyranny within via the intent to manifest tyranny, beyond. Thus, Beijing cultivates nationalist paranoia. No-one is about to invade China. The West is only trying to stop the ongoing Chinese threat – to systematically invade everyone else. And this threat is, insidiously, global.

China is brazenly constructing its most strategic imperialist fortress in Africa. The veneer Belt and Road program disguises the massive extraction of African natural wealth, construction of roads, railways, and ports to ferry these goods back to China.

Western imperialists have pulled out of Africa. But, today, China has over a million agents stationed across the continent, working the raw resource extraction and infrastructure building phase of imperialistic occupation. As a culture ritualistically sustaining its primitivist habits, superstitions, the Chinese buy up the cadaverous elephant and rhinoceros ivory, stolen by desperate African poachers.

The African populace derives only cosmetic dividends from Sinese industry. But, like other impoverished cultures, Asian, Pacific, which sign to Belt and Road infrastructure developments, China will have them planted firm in the Debtors Doom-Book. Our own Comrade Dan was a signatory here, until wiser heads stepped in. Then we had Cantonese Kev, lauding the Asian Century, simultaneously saying that we needed a Big Australia to ward off the Chinese threat.

China’s island building scheme, in the South China Sea, now in the massive Pacific theater of the Kirabiti Islands, is schematically aimed at claiming submarinal wealths, fishing grounds, and naval passage dominion. When China constructs naval docks, then all doubts about the intent will be resolved. Beijing will manipulate South East Asian and Pacific trade lines.
Darwin’s port is amongst 29 in 15 countries, and 47 terminals in 13 countries now controlled by China.

China is surging ahead in ownership of Australian farmland, which jumped ahead tenfold in 2017 to 14.4 million hectares. Unibale, a CCP company has just bought 7,000 megalitres of water rights in northern NSW, a drought ravaged area. The largest irrigation farm-holding in Australia, Cubby Station, is heavily Chinese owned. And now Chinese interests have staked a massive irrigation, agricultural interest in the Kimberleys.

Western pushback against Beijing’s imperialist aggressions is stymied by indolent economic dependence, geopolitical naivety, outright sycophancy. On count one, Australia is the worst offender. We could not perennially live off the sheep’s back. And, if we lazily remain reliant on Chinese exports, students, tourists, now, then we will do so at our own cowardly peril.

If the West is to procure a new, peaceable World Order, China must now be crushed. The nation that once led the world with the rational, pacific insights of Confucius, Lao-tze, has emerged from 2,000 years of ritualistic abjectness, the recent histories of indignant humiliation, to become the scourge of civilized culture today.

When Beijing abandoned the one-child policy, in 2015, this was the moment that the ominous footprint stepped out. Figure in the intimidatory trade tactics, suffocation of Hong Kong freedom, threat to free Taiwan, sophist remonstrations against humanitarian rights violations.

The key to containing Chinese power, eliminating the threat, is economic. No Western trade, no trade in intelligence, including within academies, no holdings in the West. Such a policy will cause pains all round, must be sustained for decades – as a clear sign that bully boys will not be tolerated in the New World Order.

But I have faith that appeasement culture will reign. Good old SBS, straight faced when beating up the always one-way-traffic of multicultural immigration. (Tell me when Westerners start emigrating to Asia, Africa, the Middle-East, Russia). Straight faced when reporting on today’s military conflicts, raging in the very same quarters.

Ah, hand me my chopsticks, Chinese takeaway, whilst I take in a 70’s beauty pageant.