GAP 2023 Review

| December 23, 2023

It is time to reflect on 2023.

The year unfolded, marked by the development of new GAP projects and the achievement of various milestones that have been several years in the making.

Whether it be cultivating our association with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), working with the White House on new approaches to engaging with Pacific Island Nations, establishing a pioneering partnership between Australia and Nobel Prize Outreach, or working with the OECD through visits to Paris to progress our work on SME advocacy, GAP has consistently explored innovative methods to engage in activities that yield substantial impact.

GAP has become truly global.

At GAP, our motivation stems from a commitment to effect positive change and an aspiration to approach problems in unique ways, finding solutions and bringing them into reality.

GAP is now in its 26th year of growth.

The resilience of GAP lies in the individuals contributing to our projects and the talented team overseeing them. Among our extensive network of over 4,000 people, 1,000 have actively engaged in ongoing GAP initiatives this year. These projects span all sectors of the economy.

Our network comprises people who have shared their insights, devoted their time, contributed their expertise, facilitated connections, and shared our goals. The achievements of GAP are those of all in the GAP family.

When asked why our members stay involved, they are likely to answer – because they enjoy the process, the challenge, the collaboration and seeing the impact of their efforts.

Looking ahead, I am excited to work with the dedicated, professional and talented team at GAP on our projects planned for next year.

I wish you all a healthy happy holiday period, but above all, I wish you peace. This year has been marred by the horrors of war which are yet unresolved. May 2024 be the year where we achieve a new peace for future generations to enjoy.