Cyber Security

| June 19, 2017

Forbes estimates that the costs of cyber crime will reach 2 trillion by 2019 and suggests that cyber security should be our biggest concern in 2017.

How do we, as a nation, ensure we have the technology, and also the skillset, to combat massive data breaches of these kinds? How do our governments regulate a threat that has permeable borders and no global framework?

PM Malcolm Turnbull has stated that cyber security is the ‘new frontier of warfare, espionage’. How do we eradicate safe places for criminals to hide without violating human rights? Do new data breach laws go far enough, and what are the arguments connected to allowing security agencies access to encrypted messaging? Is blockchain the answer to protecting our assets? What are malware, ghostware and the Internet of Things?

We will tackle these questions over the next two months and invite you to contact Emma at, as an expert or a troglodyte alike, to pose your own Q&A and contribution to the forum.



Emma Johnson
Emma is editor of Open Forum. Her modus operandi is to encourage engagement in community and society at large. Previously a lawyer, she understands that nothing is ever black or white, this knowledge lends itself well to the beast that is public policy.

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