Housing Affordability: Online Consultation

| April 11, 2017

The New South Wales Government recognises housing affordability as one of the most important issues for the future of the state. To help address this issue, institute for active policy Global Access Partners (GAP) is hosting an online consultation on Open Forum to give the community an opportunity to voice their opinions and suggest possible solutions. We invite your comments on the following:

Q: What can be done to improve housing affordability?

The housing affordability consultation is open to the general public including homeowners, future homebuyers, tenants, developers, real estate agents, lawyers and academics who have experience and understanding of the issues facing those seeking to purchase property. Larger organisations and key stakeholder bodies are also invited to contribute.

Please submit your comment below. Contributions close Thursday 9 June, 2017 at midday AEST.


DISCLAIMER: The comments published below represent a wide range of views and interests of the participating individuals and organisations. Statements made during online discussions are the personal opinions of the commentators and do not necessarily reflect those of the NSW Government or Open Forum. Open Forum, at all times and at its absolute discretion, reserves the right to remove offensive comments from the Housing Affordability Online Consultation. For your reference, any comments/messages that are offensive for the online consultation would include any or all of the following: breach of privacy, defamatory content, profane content, risk of contempt of court, racial and religious hatred/vilification, confidentiality concerns.

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