Domestic travel safety – 5 ways to stay safe and explore Australia

| February 5, 2021

Once the COVID-19 pandemic began, we were faced with constant lockdowns and orders to stay at home, leaving us to yearn for travel and those indulgent, fulfilling experiences we took for granted all along. And as borders are slowly opening and the restrictions are relaxing around the country, many Australians want to take advantage of summer and experience all the beauty the continent has to offer, while taking an entirely new approach to travel after the pandemic.

If you have a need to travel as well, here are some wonderful ways you could explore Australia, and stay safe and secure while doing it:

Consider a relaxing staycation

As the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on our economy, a large number of Australian businesses have felt these devastating effects across all sectors, but most notably the hospitality and tourism branches. Considering this fact, now’s truly the ideal time to plan a staycation, some relaxing time spent in your own city, in an effort to support the local businesses.

A staycation can mean anything from finding new ways to get around the city and exploring the areas you never visited before, to eating out in local restaurants or even booking a local hotel for the weekend. While allowing you to support the local economy, being a tourist in your own city will also give you the opportunity to see your neighbourhood from a new, more interesting angle, and even discover some hidden gems you never knew existed.

Opt for an active outdoor holiday

Even though the restrictions have eased across the country, many domestic travellers are still wary about their choice of destinations and activities during their vacations, as the pandemic is far from over. This is especially true for families travelling with kids, as the most popular family-friendly locations might not be quite as safe and accessible as they used to. For this reason, active outdoor holidays seem to be the best compromise this year.

Thankfully, Australia is filled with beautiful natural wonders and gorgeous national parks undoubtedly worth exploring. Whether it’s canoeing at Kalbarri, going on exciting walks through Uluru-Kata Tjuta, or even exploring the caves at Nullarbor, any active holiday spent in nature is a great idea if you’re particularly worried about the health and safety implications of your vacation as well.

Go on a road-tripping adventure

From the Great Ocean Road and the Perth to Ningaloo route, to the Gibb River Road and Tasmania’s East Coast, Australia is filled with wonderful drives that will allow you to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and experience the beauty of the country from a new and exciting viewpoint. What’s more, a road-tripping adventure is one of the safest ways to travel during the pandemic, presenting a unique and secure holiday option this year.

Depending on your needs, you can find great car and truck rental options across the country, allowing you to effortlessly go on a thrilling road trip perfectly suited to your travel preferences. All you truly need to do is choose one of the many gorgeous drives that appeal to you the most, and experience the liberating nature of road-tripping.

Explore the beaches safely

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn are the ideal periods for an indulgent beach holiday, with warm temperatures and the most pleasant yearly weather. And thankfully, Australia is packed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world that have something to offer for any type of tourist, whether you’re travelling through the continent with children or going on a solo adventure.

However, even beach vacations might not look the same after COVID, especially considering the fact that many Australians have yearned for the sea during the lockdown period. For that reason, it might be better to avoid the more popular destinations, such as the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, and instead opt for the lesser-visited spots like Childers Cove, Vlasoff Cay, or even a local secluded beach near you, in an effort to minimize pandemic risks.

Go for a wine tasting experience

Delicious food and incredible wine are a brilliant option for connecting with other people, which is why it comes as no surprise that Australia’s wine regions are as popular as ever, and might also be a wonderful choice for day weekend-long trips.

As you could find incredible vineyards in nearly any territory and state, it might also be a good idea to visit a food and wine destination in your own region. Apart from being able to contribute to the local economy, staying within the state borders is also wise in case any rules are suddenly changed, or restrictions rapidly imposed, thus giving you the opportunity to plan accordingly.

Although travel might have been completely redefined after the coronavirus pandemic, there are evidently still plenty of ways you could explore Australia safely and securely, experiencing your country in an entirely new and unique manner.