Make your floors more eco-friendly

| June 24, 2018

You probably do think and care about the environment, but it truly is difficult to change habits. We usually comfort ourselves through self-justification and making excuses. For instance, we may separate our trash and that’s great as it enables recycling and saves the environment, but we still have 3 cars in our family that are huge sources of pollution.

The point being that you shouldn’t dose how much help you’ll give to the planet, it should be a selfless act of constant giving as our poor planet is in great need of all the help it can get. Having that in mind, we’ve come up with one more effective way to help save the planet – eco-friendly flooring.

Recycled bamboo

This type of flooring is becoming increasingly popular in the flooring industry. More and more people are opting for recycled bamboo as it is easy maintenance and water-resistant, as well as eco-friendly. Not to mention it looks simply amazing. Who said you couldn’t have both a beautiful and environmentally friendly floor? Well, apparently, someone who has never seen recycled bamboo.


Cork floors are another way to protect the planet while having attractive floors. It’s very stylish and quite unique as not many people have this type of floor and, once they see it, rest assured they’ll want it for themselves, too.

Not only it’s beautiful and eco-friendly, but it’s also quite affordable. Plus, cork is warm and soft and you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds at all times in your own home. Also, if you’re passionate about wine, it will give your home a brand new vibe you’ll definitely dig. Isn’t that just lovely?


Of course, another way to have eco-friendly floors is to simply not have them made of wood. For instance, the popularity of rubber flooring in Sydney is growing. It started out as an idea for a fitness room and now it’s spread to the whole house.

Rubber floors are great because they’re soft, gentle and easy maintenance. This is why they’ve become so popular. Nowadays, they come in all colors and patterns so people can go completely crazy about them.


Hard and cold floors are very trendy in some parts of the world this year. Of course, we don’t need to tell you how easy it is to clean these floors, as well as combine them with basically any furniture and walls.

It’s very easy to combine them and they’re perfect for people who like to change things around the house often. If you’re the type to paint the walls or redecorate frequently, concrete floors are the answer for you. They will match practically anything without you having to do a single thing about the floors.

Outside into inside

Another idea is to try and bring some of your backyard inside the house. You can use outside patio flooring just like the one you have in your garden and place it in your living room. Wouldn’t that be quite a change? This is particularly nice in the summer when you can turn your A/C on and enjoy your fake day outside, only better as there are no insects or the possibility of rain.

Basically, if we apply the same principle to the decoration of our whole house, we can have a legit eco-friendly home. Not to mention this goes for any aspect of our lives. We can and we should be considerate. Not only that we can change our own belief system, but we can also influence others by making an example.