Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association release new report

| December 16, 2017

The Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association (AHHA) have released their latest report on strategies for outcomes-focused and value-based healthcare.

To achieve a healthy Australia supported by the best possible healthcare system, AHHA is recommending that Australia reorientate the healthcare system over the next 10 years by enabling outcomes‑focused and value-based healthcare. This requires:

  1. A nationally unified and regionally controlled health system that puts patients at the centre
  2. Performance information and reporting that is fit for purpose
  3. A health workforce that exists to serve and meet population health needs
  4. Funding that is sustainable and appropriate to support a high quality health system

You can read the full report here.

Emma Johnson
Emma is editor of Open Forum. Her modus operandi is to encourage engagement in community and society at large. Previously a lawyer, she understands that nothing is ever black or white, this knowledge lends itself well to the beast that is public policy.

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