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  • Radical strategy to save Planet: Put Labor Last

    Dr Gideon Polya     |      December 6, 2010

  • Fighting Fire with Fire

    patrickcallioni     |      December 6, 2010

  • Opportunity for a collective voice

    Leo Silver     |      December 1, 2010

    At the launch of First 5000 on 20 October 2010 held at NSW Parliament House Leo Silver, managing director of Integrated Wireless, spoke to Jeanne-Vida Douglas about how First 5000 can meet the needs of a businesses like his own.

    JVD: In order to get an idea of what kinds of businesses that are involved within the First 5000 initiative I would like to introduce Leo Silver. He is the managing director of the Australian technology company Integrated Wireless which delivers emergency wireless communication solutions to large institutions like hospitals and so forth throughout the country.

    So Leo, tell me why would you join First 5000 and how are the needs of a business such as your own meet through joining a group like First 5000?

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    Clock’s ticking for New Matilda

    editor     |      December 1, 2010

    new matilda faviconFollowing their triumphant return, New Matilda now has until 15 December to reach their fundraising target or the site will close for good. They need your help. Read their message here »»

  • Paid maternity leave just around the corner…are you confused?

    Matthew Tukaki     |      November 30, 2010

    It’s time to make sure you understand and are prepared for the introduction of the paid parental leave scheme.

    It strikes me that there is a degree of confusion in the business community about a fundamental series of changes that will come into force from 1 January 2011. In the main, those changes relate to the introduction of the Government’s Paid Parental Scheme.

    This confusion has been evident in a series of workshops that I have been running around understanding the impacts of legislation on employers and hiring managers.

  • Creating sustainable support networks for newcomers

    Sue Ellson     |      November 29, 2010

  • Shapping the market-place

    David Murray     |      November 26, 2010

    The leader of Deloitte Private, David Murray, had this to say at the launch of First 5000, held at NSW Parliament House on 20 October 2010, about why Deloitte Private decided to become involved in the initiative.

    We often say things are all about the timing and in the case of First 5000 the timing of the initial expression of interest aligned with what we were doing. As JV said in the introduction, I have the pleasure of running what we call Deloitte Private which is a division of Deloitte that looks after private organisations, private entities, businesses and their owners- high networked individuals.

  • We Love Waves

    Tatianna Alpert     |      November 24, 2010

    News from Surfrider Foundation Australia’s 2010 National Conference.

    In October 2009 Surfrider Foundation Australia (SFA) joined Sydney’s Northern Beaches community as they proudly celebrated the official announcement of North Narrabeen beach as a National Surfing Reserve. 

    Only one year later Australia’s Northern Beaches branch of SFA were  working long into the late hours of the night to pull off the fantastic SFA 2010 National Conference – We Love Waves.

  • The ‘Green’ Hype

    Scott Warren     |      November 24, 2010

  • A commercial edge, an exploratory edge and a learning edge

    Carl Harman     |      November 22, 2010

    At the First 5000 launch held at NSW Parliament House on 20 October 2010, Carl Harman, Academy Dean for Leadership at the National Australia Bank spoke about why NAB became involved with the initiative.

    I should explain that prior to becoming the Dean of Leadership and Talent at the NAB I was heading up marketing and strategy for the Business Bank and as Australia’s leading business bank this segment is at the very core of our DNA.

  • I feel like a Tooheys, or twelve!

    Cody Giunta     |      November 22, 2010

    There should be no surprises in the "Drinkwise" findings that for many Australian young men, the idea of drinking to get drunk is synonymous with masculinity.

    As a nurse, "Stuart" (not his real name) cops the brunt of drunken idiots every Friday and Saturday night he has the misfortune of working. Those he sees are mostly young men – and they’re often unhappy to be there.

    "Stuart" tells of one particularly memorable night he found himself tending to a drunken university student who was accompanied by two deeply concerned friends: 

    “He wet himself, and they (his mates) saw it. So when he was sober enough to stand I sent him to the shower to clean himself up (to which he was laughing) and I had a go along the lines of "do you think you’ve learned any lessons from this?" His comeback, “Well, I didn’t do any of it to impress you.”

  • From Boab to Break

    Tatianna Alpert     |      November 18, 2010

    Young Explorers Find Perspective on a Surfrider Foundation Australia Journey. 

    In Wyndham, Western Australia on 29 October 2010, setting out from the oldest and northernmost town in the Kimberley region of Western Australia – ‘Boab’ country – a group of aboriginal children departed on a one of a kind journey to the surf ‘break’ at Margaret River with Surfrider Foundation Australia (SFA)

    ‘Boab to Break’ is an initiative of SFA’s Kimberley Branch, offering 12 children the opportunity to broaden their horizons and participate in activities they have never before experienced.