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  • Lessons from successful family businesses

    Graeme Lofts     |      July 19, 2019

    A new book, Family Business Success Stories, describes the journeys of eight Australian families who have led their businesses through more than 100 years and a total of 39 generations.

  • Back to the moon and on to Mars?

    Malcolm Davis     |      July 19, 2019

    Saturday 20 July 2019 marks 50 years since the landing of Apollo 11 on the Sea of Tranquility. After decades of inaction, increasing superpower competition and commercial innovation may see a new generation escaping the Earth’s gravity well once again.

  • One more cup of coffee for the road

    Open Forum     |      July 19, 2019

    Coffee contains a complex mixture of bioactive ingredients, including substances such as caffeine and kahweol, but a new study finds no evidence that they affect people’s risk of getting cancer.

  • Some pharmacists are breaking therapeutic guidelines

    Open Forum     |      July 19, 2019

    A QUT study of the practices of more than 200 pharmacies in Brisbane has highlighted concerns that some are not adhering to therapeutic guidelines when distributing pharmaceuticals.

  • Global commission into mental illness offers blueprint for change

    Isabelle Dubach     |      July 18, 2019

    A taskforce of more than 30 international experts have released a report on the health inequities experienced by people with mental illness and offered recommendations to reduce social inequalities and personal distress.

  • Music festivals need a cultural change to combat sexual violence

    Diane Nazaroff     |      July 18, 2019

    A new report on Safety, Sexual Harassment and Assault at Australian Music Festivals report is the first national study of its kind into the dangers faced by women at major outdoor events.

  • Colvin’s departure will leave a gaping hole in the AFP

    John Coyne     |      July 18, 2019

    The departure of Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin will leave a gaping hole in Australia’s law enforcement community that will be difficult to fill at a time when the AFP’s independence is under sustained threat.

  • Future proofing our health system one young doctor at a time

    Georgia Behrens     |      July 17, 2019

    The effects of climate change on people’s health will pose a new challenge to the next generation of doctors.

  • Pre-school investment delivers double – with a bit of help

    Jennifer Jackson     |      July 17, 2019

    The promised returns on investment in preschool won’t just happen. They depend on a complex chain of events, from preschool through to adulthood, involving the child and their family.

  • Can Australia develop a rare-earth industry?

    Genevieve Feely     |      July 17, 2019

    China has secured a stranglehold over the strategically important rare-earths industry, but, with the right support, Australia could develop its own rare-earth resources to supply the western world.

  • Group punishment just makes kids hate school

    Jeffrey Thomas     |      July 16, 2019

    While group punishment is used in Australian schools, it is unfair and unlikely to improve behaviour – so why is it still acceptable in most education department policies?

  • Health minsters urged to resolve digital data issues

    Open Forum     |      July 16, 2019

    Regulatory barriers that limit timely access to population and health data must be resolved to achieve better health outcomes for Australians, according to leading scientists and medical health researchers.