• Society

    Paternal perceptions

    Alistair Thomson |  August 23, 2019

    New research is examining the evolution of Australian fatherhood and family responsibilities over the past 100 years.

  • International

    Hong Kong: The canary in the coal mine

    Brendan Clift |  August 23, 2019

    Hong Kong continues to be wracked by civil unrest as its people protest against Chinese oppression. How did it come to this, what does it signal, and where is it likely to end?

  • Business

    That Instagram post may cost you more than you think

    Chris Culnane |  August 23, 2019

    We don’t really know how social media posts are being used or evaluated by banks. We need greater transparency around exactly how our data will be used and the ability to challenge decisions.

Latest Story

  • Improving the finance sector for all Australians

    Chris Culnane     |      August 22, 2019

    Trust in our financial services has been shaken by scandals, but in a new white paper, FinFuture, researchers show how the system can be reformed to protect citizen’s financial well-being.

  • Heads up – Skateboards are more dangerous than rugby

    Open Forum     |      August 22, 2019

    An Australian/ New Zealand study examining childhood head injuries has found that children who do recreational sports like horse riding and skate boarding are more at risk than kids playing contact sports like AFL or rugby.

  • Twitter and Facebook counter China’s information onslaught

    Jake Wallis     |      August 22, 2019

    The bans on Chinese propaganda accounts by Twitter and Facebook highlights how the Chinese government uses media power to shape the narrative and project its own interests.

  • Age diversity is good for business

    Catherine Fritz-Kalish     |      August 21, 2019

    The social consensus around the value of productive ageing has not been reflected in business practices, and so fresh approaches are required: a report from the recent GAP Roundtable identifies the biggest barrier to mature-age employment.

  • Taking back our online privacy

    Katharine Kemp     |      August 21, 2019

    An entire industry exists to profile your life from your online data – everything from your shopping habits to your political views and medical conditions – and the results can cause genuine harm.

  • Securing consensus on national security

    John McCarthy     |      August 21, 2019

    With the federal election out of the way, and some welcome stability in the leadership of the major political parties in prospect, Australia now faces the challenge of forging a national consensus on an external security policy that reflects our self-confidence and maturity as a nation.

  • Can a high-fibre diet reduce hyper-tension?

    Open Forum     |      August 21, 2019

    Volunteers are being sought for a new trial to investigate if a high-fibre diet can reduce blood pressure in patients suffering from hyper-tension.

  • Australian democracy demands a proper debate

    Dominic O'Sullivan     |      August 20, 2019

    Australian democracy is failing to deal with the complex interrelationships between coal and climate change, regional security interests, human rights and trade but today’s political culture of slogans and disengagement from proper debate and scrutiny makes it harder still.

  • Unraveling the stories in our stars

    Charles Kemp     |      August 20, 2019

    Throughout time, humankind has looked to the stars and recounted the meaning they see. We know this is true of many cultures, in many places. But time and place have influenced those narratives and how they were passed on.

  • Becoming a STEM-inist

    Amy Shepherd     |      August 20, 2019

    When PhD candidate Amy Shepherd began her career in science, she didn’t dream that within a few years she’d be rubbing shoulders with Nobel Prize winners but still wondering where all the women are.

  • The ‘Samoan model’ offers hope to female politicians in the Pacific

    Kerryn Baker     |      August 19, 2019

    While elections in the Cook Islands, Fiji, Guam and Solomon Islands have brought in record numbers of women MPs, the Pacific region as a whole is still at the bottom of global league tables on women’s representation.

  • Help investigate the causes of stuttering

    Open Forum     |      August 19, 2019

    Researchers need 3,000 Australian stutterers for an international study that is searching for the genes in human DNA which may trigger the speech problem.