• Culture

    Voyeurism and media sport violence

    David Rowe |  December 4, 2020

    The fiery crash suffered and survived by French Formula 1 driver Roman Grosjean has reignited the debate about the immediate and more insidious long-term dangers sports stars face for our entertainment.

  • Security

    Strong alliances and robust defence will keep the peace with China

    Peter Jennings |  December 4, 2020

    There are some positive outcomes from the Chinese Communist Party’s descent into North Korean–style insult and abuse: Australians get to see firsthand the entity we are dealing with, and Beijing’s collection of local useful idiots are tested to see how far they will defend the indefensible behaviour of their patron.

  • Coronavirus

    Enjoy a COVID-free Christmas

    Lachlan Gilbert |  December 4, 2020

    Christmas may not be cancelled, but it will certainly be different to any before, say leading COVID-19 experts. Despite the virtual eradication of the virus in this country, precautions over the holiday season will help prevent a resurgence.

Latest Story

  • On mateship

    Mark Nicol     |      December 3, 2020

    In this touching personal essay on friendship and loss, Mark Nicol reflects on the very Australian notion of ‘mateship’.

  • My greatest hope for our future is an inclusive education

    Jamie-Lee Dwyer     |      December 3, 2020

    Education is the key to success for people with a disability as well as their able-bodied peers. Ensuring that everyone has access to high quality education will unlock all the talents Australians have to offer.

  • An introduction to sea-surface temperatures

    Ayesha Renyard     |      December 3, 2020

    Sea surface temperatures are rising at an unprecedented rate, posing problems for industries which rely on the sea and coastal communities.

  • Rethinking threats to our national security

    Brendan Nicholson     |      December 2, 2020

    Building sovereign manufacturing capabilities, diversifying our trade from China and facing the reality of climate change are all important parts of building a more resilient Australia.

  • Aiming higher in space

    Open Forum     |      December 2, 2020

    Expanding Australia’s international collaboration in space should be seen as an important element of our soft power and a means to contribute public goods that promote international cooperation in space.

  • China’s twitter propaganda backfires

    Michael Shoebridge     |      December 2, 2020

    China’s increasingly crude economic and misinformation campaign against Australia is only strengthening our resolve to resist such bullying.

  • Reshaping the future of international economic governance

    Craig Donaldson     |      December 1, 2020

    Developments in international economic law could alter Australia’s relationship with China and other key trading partners, says UNSW Law’s Professor Heng Wang.

  • Take me to the danger zone

    Ben Knight     |      December 1, 2020

    Drones are making waves in environmental monitoring and conservation efforts at sea.

  • Dangerous fieldwork in the social sciences

    Rachel Gray     |      December 1, 2020

    A UNSW criminologist and an international relations expert walk into a bar … and years later their discussions over drinks turn into a book.

  • Can A.I. encourage prosperity for all?

    Dawn Lo     |      November 30, 2020

    A legal expert explains how AI can be entrusted to assume tasks currently performed by humans in the business, education and health sectors.

  • Rescuing Australia’s lost literary treasures

    Rebecca Giblin     |      November 30, 2020

    A new project is digitising some of Australia’s most culturally-important lost books, getting them into libraries and answering some important questions.

  • Tackling vaccine ‘hesitancy’

    Open Forum     |      November 30, 2020

    UniSA researchers are evaluating a new vaccination education initiative – the COVID-19 Peer Hub – to help immunisation and public health professionals to tackle the emerging dangers of vaccine hesitancy amid the pandemic.