• Society

    Cathy Freeman, Jemma Mi Mi and the delusion of inclusion

    Jim McKay |  October 21, 2020

    The recent ABC TV documentary about Olympian Cathy Freeman allowed the champion runner to tell her own story and raise some unsettling questions about the continuing extent of racism in this country.

  • Resilience

    Making supply chains great again

    ANU Editorial Board |  October 21, 2020

    COVID-19 highlighted the interconnected nature of modern economies and how disruptions can spread rapidly to other countries through complex production systems.

  • International

    What’s next for Jacinda Ardern?

    Jennifer Lees-Marshment |  October 21, 2020

    New Zealanders want leadership that shows care and concern but also takes action and accomplishing this amid a global health and economic crisis is not going to be easy.

Latest Story

  • Extra care spending would almost pay for itself

    Janine Dixon     |      October 20, 2020

    Extra spending on childcare, aged care and disability care would produce an bigger bang for the buck than most of the extra spending announced in the budget, as well as producing better outcomes for women.

  • Modelling society

    Jason Thompson     |      October 20, 2020

    Computational social science has come to the fore in the COVID-19 response, allowing policy makers to trial policies on ‘artificial societies’ and see the results – before doing it in real life.

  • COVID won’t kill populism

    Nicholas Gruen     |      October 20, 2020

    Populist politicians around the world have struggled to cope with the COVID crisis, due in part to their disdain for traditional institutions.

  • Soil carbon finally secures the recognition it deserves

    John White     |      October 19, 2020

    The government has finally acknowledged the potential of sequestering carbon in Australia’s denuded soils, delivering a climate change solution at a profit instead of a cost, along with multiple co-benefits for both people and the natural environment.

  • What is the electricity transmission system, and why does it need fixing?

    Tony Wood     |      October 19, 2020

    Much has been said of the need to change the electricity generation mix, from mostly fossil fuels to mostly renewables, but our electricity transmission network must also be overhauled.

  • Manufacturing a recovery

    Richard Holden     |      October 19, 2020

    The pandemic has shown the need for Australia to revive its domestic manufacturing sector to reduce reliance on foreign supply chains, but a push for strategic manufacturing should build on existing comparative advantage.

  • Learning from the West Gate Bridge collapse

    Open Forum     |      October 18, 2020

    Fifty years after 35 men died in the West Gate Bridge disaster, not all of the lessons have been learned.

  • The great Chinese cover-up

    Keith Richburg     |      October 18, 2020

    China may now want to expel foreign correspondents to control its own narrative and stem negative coverage but its connections to the outside world means the country can no longer be isolated and escape critical coverage, no matter how much it tries.

  • Ardern shows the way in engaging with young voters

    Alexandra Pascoe     |      October 18, 2020

    Jacinda Ardern seems to have been more successful in appealing to young people than many contemporary politicians, and encouraging them to participate in the electoral process in greater numbers.

  • Sustainable success for Australian business

    Glenn Hoetker     |      October 17, 2020

    The disruption of COVID-19 is an unexpected opening for businesses to adopt more sustainable practices – elevating the practice of sustainability across industries.

  • New handbook helps citizens to debunk fake news

    Open Forum     |      October 17, 2020

    The battle against fake news has gained a powerful new weapon, with leading experts across the globe penning a free new handbook describing the best ways to combat misinformation.

  • Educating the public on genetic testing

    Open Forum     |      October 17, 2020

    A study of Queensland health consumers has found that work is required to improve public understanding and awareness of genetic testing, given its significant potential to improve health outcomes.