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  • A lost species comes to life – in a graveyard

    Michael Kearney     |      September 22, 2019

    A rare insect species, the Key’s Matchstick Grasshopper, was thought to be extinct in Victoria but has now been rediscovered, giving hope for conserving its future.

  • How reliable are roadside drug tests?

    Open Forum     |      September 22, 2019

    Thousands of people are prosecuted every year in Australia for cannabis use while driving, however research at the University of Sydney suggests the test isn’t as accurate as thought.

  • Uniting banks and regulators in the fight against financial crime

    John Coyne     |      September 22, 2019

    Financial institutions should be more proactive and transparent about information-sharing with law enforcement agencies to fight international fraud and money-laundering.

  • Morrison’s New York climate no-show

    Matt McDonald     |      September 21, 2019

    Despite being in the United States, and the massive climate protests on Friday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison won’t be going to the UN Climate Action Summit in New York next week.

  • Can eSports find a role in schools?

    Neil Selwyn     |      September 21, 2019

    Given the massive youth appeal of eSports, schools and colleges are understandably beginning to explore possible connections between eSports and education.

  • Lessons from abroad on affordable housing

    Bingqin Li     |      September 21, 2019

    Sydney’s housing, savings and public transport systems fail to offer its residents a competitive package of affordable housing, but lessons can be learned from Singapore and Hong Kong to create a better solution.

  • Welcome to the GAP summit

    Catherine Fritz-Kalish     |      September 20, 2019

    Catherine Fritz-Kalish, the head of Global Access Partners, stressed the importance of education to her family, her institute and the nation in welcoming guests to GAP’s 10th Annual Economic Summit at NSW Parliament House in Sydney.

  • The Saudi oil strike shows the new way of war

    Malcolm Davis     |      September 20, 2019

    Australia’s defence planners must learn the lessons the attack on Abqaiq teach us about the risks of sticking with traditional mindsets and maintaining old paradigms in the face of rapid changes in warfare.

  • Wildlife needs wilderness

    Open Forum     |      September 20, 2019

    The global conservation community has been urged to adopt a specific target to protect the world’s remaining wilderness areas to prevent the large scale loss of endangered species.

  • School-leavers need better career education to make good choices

    Open Forum     |      September 19, 2019

    The latest report from Global Access Partners (GAP) says universities should be encouraged to offer credit to school-leavers who achieve high results in relevant senior secondary courses, as well as develop new courses for specialist career educators.

  • The challenge of the contemporary university

    James Arvanitakis     |      September 19, 2019

    Professor James Arvanitakis argues that universities must consciously train graduates to be active, engaged, empowered and committed citizens, as well as pursuing traditional scholarship, if the world’s ‘wicked problems’ are to be addressed in time.

  • Treading softly in power diplomacy

    Natalia Grincheva     |      September 19, 2019

    Museums have emerged as new and effective actors of cultural soft power, including institutions in countries like China and Russia whose interests and actions seem diametrically opposed to the West.