• America

    Arvanitakis on American politics: The debates on free speech

    James Arvanitakis |  July 24, 2021

    Freedom of speech is a foundation of modern democracy, but arguments over its boundaries and effects continue to rage, not least in the United States where concerns over Donald Trump’s false claims of electoral fraud and the influence of social media platforms continue to reverberate.

  • Human Interest

    Marriage for the modern age

    Alan Stevenson |  July 24, 2021

    Although societies around the world have diverged and changed radically over the ages, marriage has remained a constant theme. Given our lengthening life expectancies, are further reforms required?

  • Coronavirus

    It is a race, and we’re falling behind

    Open Forum |  July 24, 2021

    Like the Olympics, Australia’s fight against the virus is a competition, and we’re starting to fall badly behind, not least in terms of vaccinations.

Latest Story

  • Meeting the authoritarian challenge

    Matthew Sussex     |      July 23, 2021

    There are no easy ways to generate democratic resilience, but it is a crucial endeavour given the increasing range and severity of ‘grey zone’ assaults committed by China, Russia and other authoritarian nations.

  • Clever cockatoos learn through social interaction

    Open Forum     |      July 23, 2021

    60 years after blue tits in England learned to peck at silver milk bottle tops on doorsteps, Australian researchers have realised that cockatoos also learn how to open rubbish bins from each other.

  • Restoring the world’s dry lands

    Open Forum     |      July 23, 2021

    Although environmental concern often focuses on the loss of tropical forests, restoring the world’s dry lands to health should also be an urgent priority.

  • The keys to successful crisis communication

    Victoria Tichá     |      July 22, 2021

    As crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic evolve, research shows leaders should communicate critical information in a distinct, consistent and consensual way.

  • Global shipping bounces back

    David Uren     |      July 22, 2021

    The pandemic prompted calls for greater self-sufficiency, but global shipping is back to pre-COVID proportions, although fissures in international relations threaten to undermine this recovery.

  • Higher, stronger, dirtier?

    Jason Mazanov     |      July 22, 2021

    Another Olympics is upon us, delayed for a year due to COVID-19. Amid the joy of participation, there remains inevitable speculation around the doping scandals which have dogged international sport for over half a century.

  • The risks and rewards of the new agricultural visa scheme

    Abul Rizvi     |      July 21, 2021

    Australia’s new agricultural visa scheme should be accompanied by suitable protection for workers rights to prevent them being exploited.

  • Is the cure worse than the disease?

    Open Forum     |      July 21, 2021

    Lockdowns are tough on our health, but a COVID-19 outbreak would be worse, according to Aussie and international researchers who reviewed pandemic response in countries with and without lockdowns.

  • Fighting back

    Michael Shoebridge     |      July 21, 2021

    There can be no return to a trusting ‘win–win’ relationship with Beijing at the same time as we are being spied on and robbed blind by its hackers. It’s time to fight back.

  • Beefing up government digital service delivery

    Tom Uren     |      July 20, 2021

    A greater adoption of cloud services in government will help manage sudden spikes in demand for access to digital services.

  • WhatsApp and the right to encrypt

    Anastasia Kapetas     |      July 20, 2021

    Encrypted messaging has become a very difficult business. Despite their reach, it’s hard to make money from messaging apps and their key service – encryption – is under constant attack from actors across the political spectrum.

  • An eye for difference

    Simon Cropper     |      July 19, 2021

    Please do not adjust your sets, normal service will not be resumed because dream, hallucination or reality are all a product of the same thing – your brain.