• Resilience

    Refreshing defence innovation

    Thom Dixon |  September 27, 2020

    Unless Australia scales up its own DARPA-like investment vehicles and introduces well-endowed talent-retention schemes, or other policy initiatives unique to the Australian context, our defence innovation enterprise is headed for rocky times.

  • Media

    The government, rather than Google, could subsidise good journalism

    Richard Holden |  September 27, 2020

    Google and Facebook could soon be forced to pay local commercial media organisations for sharing their content on digital platforms. Making these massive digital platforms pay Australian news publishers might be good politics, but it is odd economics.

  • Environment

    Bilbies return to Sturt National Park

    Isabelle Dubach |  September 27, 2020

    An iconic nocturnal marsupial has been reintroduced into a feral-free area created by a UNSW-led project. Bilbies create a whole range of habitats by digging for insects, seeds and plant roots, and helping water and carbon infiltrate the soil.

Latest Story

  • Something or nothing

    Craig Jeffrey     |      September 26, 2020

    People have been suspicious of ‘nothing’ going back all the way to the mathematical idea of “zero.” Yet there is real value in “nothing” and we need to appreciate it more.

  • A zebra among horses

    Open Forum     |      September 26, 2020

    Netflix is often criticised as a Hollywood-style entertainment behemoth crushing all competition and diminishing local content but a QUT academic says that’s a simplistic view.

  • Countering terrorism through architecture?

    Ben Knight     |      September 26, 2020

    In the fight against global terrorism, architecture has a surprisingly important role to play.

  • Vox Populi

    Fergus Neilson     |      September 25, 2020

    Fergus Neilson analyses a snapshot of opinions on the condition of 21st century democracy and offers some ideas for reform.

  • Nature cure

    Dimity Williams     |      September 25, 2020

    Australians want a government that takes the health of the natural environment seriously and understands the wellbeing of all of us depend upon it.  

  • Supply chain cooperation comes to the fore

    Ken Heydon     |      September 25, 2020

    Reports are circulating of a trilateral exploration by Japan, India and Australia of a ‘Supply Chain Resilience Initiative’ to secure supply chains and reduce dependence on China.

  • Angus Taylor’s tech roadmap is fundamentally flawed

    Mark Diesendorf     |      September 24, 2020

    The government’s latest energy plans are a failure of logic, and will lock in fossil fuel use for decades.

  • Law, politics and intelligence: a life of Robert Hope

    Stephen Loosley     |      September 24, 2020

    In Law, politics and intelligence: a life of Robert Hope, Peter Edwards delivers a masterclass in the governance, or lack of it, of Australia’s security and intelligence services in the post-war era.

  • Rise of the scorpions

    Open Forum     |      September 24, 2020

    Researchers from La Trobe University have found that, in the absence of natural predators such as bilbies, native scorpions are thriving in Australia’s damaged sandy landscapes.

  • When is a science not a science?

    Mark Nicol     |      September 23, 2020

    The scientific method has allowed mankind to understand and conquer the world around him, but even science may have its limits in dealing with complex human and moral issues.

  • Has the law been a casualty of COVID?

    Max Thomas     |      September 23, 2020

    The unprecedented social restrictions – backed by the full force of the law – in Victoria and the rest of Australia raise some tricky questions about the rights of citizens, the power of politicians and the effectiveness of our government system.

  • Going big and bold in the South Pacific

    Jeffrey Wall     |      September 23, 2020

    Australia should look at big and bold projects that enhance our influence and assist Pacific nations in key areas at a time when they are sorely tested in economic, social and strategic terms.