• Society

    When childcare meets aged care

    Open Forum |  July 13, 2020

    While our oldest and youngest generations may seem worlds apart, a new ageing well initiative will bring them together in an innovative intergenerational education and development program.

  • Infrastructure

    The 20 minute neighbourhood

    Ben Knight |  July 13, 2020

    Allowing people to work, live and play within 20 minutes’ reach of their own homes is the new gold standard for urban planning.

  • Coronavirus

    Millennial bugs?

    Steven Roberts |  July 13, 2020

    Blaming millennials for spreading COVID-19 fails to see the bigger picture.

Latest Story

  • Is cancel culture stifling open debate?

    Hugh Breakey     |      July 12, 2020

    150 high-profile authors, commentators and scholars have signed an open letter in Harper’s magazine claiming that “open debate and toleration of differences” are under attack.by a new ‘cancel culture’ dominated by dogma, coercion and ideological conformity.

  • China is busy making enemies

    Michael Shoebridge     |      July 12, 2020

    From the warm waters of the South China Sea, to the snows of the Himalayas and the streets of Hong Kong, China’s relentless bullying of its neighbours is turning the international community against it.

  • Australia’s SMEs need a national cyber resilience strategy

    Alison Howe     |      July 12, 2020

    Improving the cyber resilience of thousands of small businesses would help strengthen the nation against serious cyber threats.

  • Arvanitakis on American politics: How changing demographics are reshaping American politics

    James Arvanitakis     |      July 11, 2020

    After one of the most traumatic years in American political history, less heralded, but still highly significant shifts in the demographic make-up of the United States are set to have a crucial influence on the outcome of November’s election.

  • Does Australia need an elimination strategy?

    Michelle Grattan     |      July 11, 2020

    A number of states have essentially eliminated COVID-19 through tough border policies, should Australia as a nation do the same?

  • In praise of vitamin K

    Doug Fenwick     |      July 11, 2020

    How many of you can “plank” for over an hour? Octogenarian Doug Fenwick can, and he puts his recovery from serious illness and current remarkable fitness down to Vitamin K.

  • The road to recovery

    Dawn Lo     |      July 10, 2020

    Even as Victoria confronts a six-week shutdown in response to emerging coronavirus cases, other states are reopening. Policy responses must reflect the needs of the most vulnerable, say UNSW Business School’s Leisa Sargent and John Piggott.

  • Shareholder activism can combat climate change

    Victoria Tichá     |      July 10, 2020

    Corporate Australia must learn to better engage with shareholder activists – especially around climate change – before it’s too late, UNSW Business School research shows.

  • Ready for lift-off?

    Malcolm Davis     |      July 10, 2020

    The release last week of Australia’s defence strategic update, and its accompanying force structure plan, gives this nation the opportunity to align its defence space policy with that of the US.

  • Australia’s new defence paradigm

    Geoffrey Barker     |      July 9, 2020

    Prompted by China’s increasingly coercive international behaviour, Australia’s revised defence policy looks to protect Australian interests and support global resistance to Beijing’s rising brutality.

  • The business risk of climate change

    Ebony Stansfield     |      July 9, 2020

    The cost of not reducing greenhouse gas emissions can no longer be ignored by business, and in this landscape, all asset owners and investors should be planning now for the ongoing viability of their portfolios.

  • Meet your new robot health coach

    Nicole Robinson     |      July 9, 2020

    New research shows “social robots” can help people lose weight by delivering multiple sessions of advice and support without the need for human intervention.