• Culture

    A toast to Pyrrho’s Hog

    Matthew Sharpe |  July 15, 2024

    Montaigne was the first essayist, and perhaps the first modern philosopher, who used the different schools of post-platonic Greek thought to turn the lens of philosophy not on the world, but on himself.

  • China

    Facing China together

    Andrew Forrest |  July 15, 2024

    Australia’s leaders must be clear about the threat which an aggressive authoritarian China poses to the world, and the need for resolve in defending our freedom.

  • Society

    In praise of Stephen King

    Hannah Murray |  July 15, 2024

    Stephen King has been pumping out horror fiction for over half a century, but Carrie, Pennywise and The Stand endure because his stories are grounded in an authentic depiction of modern suburbia.

Latest Story

  • Good News TV takes the OZ SI Camp Changemaker Quiz

    Sohail Dahdal     |      March 5, 2010

    Open Forum invited all of the Changemakers who have had their ideas selected as projects to be developed at the innaugrual Australian Social Innovation Camp, 5-7 March 2010, to join us for a quick Q&A. Sohail Dahdal, creator of Good News TV had this to say.  

    Have you ever entered a contest like this before?

  • Refugee Buddy takes the OZ SI Camp Changemaker Quiz

    Joy Suliman     |      March 5, 2010

    Open Forum invited all of the Changemakers who have had their ideas selected as projects to be developed at the innaugrual Australian Social Innovation Camp, 5-7 March 2010, to join us for a quick Q&A.  Joy Suliman, creator of Refugee Buddy went first. Here’s what she told us.  

    Have you ever entered a contest like this before?

    I have developed community based projects before, but not using any this kind of structure or framework. I don’t really see it as a competition, but as a collaborative process with a range of people who I don’t really know very well yet. Submitting funding applications seem more like a competition to me, so it’s nice to be working on something that’s (at this point in any case) outside of that matrix.

    How much research did you do to find out if other people are already developing an idea like yours here or overseas?

  • The Right to Care that Works

    Jenni Beattie     |      March 4, 2010

    The Mental Health Services (TheMHS) Summer Forum this year brought together some complex themes of rights, services and evidenced based care.

  • Business input to privacy & security frameworks that deliver: RSA, End to End Trust & the remarks of Microsoft’s Scott Charney

    Malcolm Crompton     |      March 3, 2010

    In the last couple of blogs, "EC thinking on privacy definitely on the move…" and "Ahead of the Curve?…", I described renewed official interest in re-thinking privacy frameworks that have been around for some time. The re-think is becoming critical and unavoidable in light of the realities of the online world, new technologies and how people often want to use them.

    But business has not been idle either. This includes joint initiatives between officials and leading businesses with an interest in ‘finding a better way’.

  • An end to the killings in Juarez

    Rosarela Meza     |      February 28, 2010

    What is going on in Juarez City, Mexico?

    If you are shaking your head, you are in good company as not many Australians have even heard of the place. If you are a journalist then you may agree with some current affairs honchos, ‘nothing new.’

    It seems like the killings of women in a far off land needs a fresh angle. Put simply, Australian mainstream media is not interested despite the fact that the issue has not been covered for more than ten years. Yet, paradoxically, on the ground, many people do seem to want to know more. Women in particular here and around the world, are taking a good hard look at what is going on in Juarez City.

  • Uncategorised

    SURVEY Workplace Flexibility after the GFC

    editor     |      February 28, 2010

    Aequus Partners are conducting research into workplace flexibility, the implementation of the Right to Request legislation and the impact of the GFC. Please take a couple of minutes to complete their survey.


  • Think Social and Compete

    Erin Green     |      February 23, 2010

    Social innovation competitions are hitting the big time around the globe as more and more companies and organisations recognise the need for new approaches to social problems and the impact open and crowd-sourced solutions can have.

  • Rediscovering the Lost Years: Early Intervention Pain Management

    Stephen Gibson     |      February 21, 2010

    By the time most patients arrive at a tertiary pain management clinic, such as the Caulfield Pain Management and Research Centre where I practice, they have already spent years living with pain. As the President of the Australian Pain Society I also meet many people living with pain.

  • Online Collaboration & Public Sector Publishing

    David Schulz     |      February 16, 2010
    The most profound change is not when things in the landscape change, but when the landscape itself changes. When people notice a problem and solve it, that’s not quite as shocking as when something we didn’t even realise was broken, gets fixed or improved. Then we all sit up and take notice.
    Guttenberg’s printing press made it possible to cheaply produce multiple copies of books. Books were no longer the preserve of the wealthy and the church. However I’m not sure the rarity of books was seen as a problem by the great unwashed at the time. It was just the way it was. And I’m pretty certain the church and the wealthy elite didn’t identify the lack of learning as a problem within their workforce.
    I see the same principle in the way governments produce their publications.

  • The 21st Century Media (R)evolution

    jim.macnamara     |      February 16, 2010

    In researching his new book MacNamara concluded that the recent changes to media and public communication are not simply an evolution – rather, radical change is afoot that will reverberate through media, advertising, journalism, public relations and politics.

    With so much being written and spoken about Web 2.0-enabled social media, it might seem that there’s nothing new that can be said. However, a challenge is that the growing literature is a mix of claims and counter-claims, optimism and pessimism, gung-ho plans and fear. 

  • EC thinking on privacy definitely on the move…

    Malcolm Crompton     |      February 16, 2010

    The European Commission (EC) and its partners hosted a conference on “Trust in the Information Society” in Spain 10-11 February where the winds of change became even more apparent.

    This was a conference organised under the huge Framework Program 7 (FP 7) research stream funded by the European Commission. FP 7 has a very impressive research component on ICT Trust and Security Research under its ICT Challenge 1: Pervasive and Trustworthy Network and Service Infrastructures.  

  • An Open Letter to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, 18 March 2003

    Jim Staples     |      February 16, 2010

    Published below is the transcript of an open letter to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition delivered on the eve of Australia's invasion if Iraq in 2003.

    An open letter to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition on the law of war-making in Australia, J.F. Staples, 144 Shepherd Road, Bywong 2621, Tuesday 18 March 2003.


    What is projected by you, the Prime Minister, and not dearly and firmly opposed by you, the Leader of the Opposition – with your nimble footwork back and forth, and from side to side on the morality of the issue – is an act of aggression against the state of Iraq, its territory and its people.

    Not only is it an unprovoked act of war contrary to the law of nations and contrary to the United Nations Charter, it is an invasion of the Australian Constitution.