The best place to launch a healthy lifestyle? Your kitchen

| August 29, 2019

If you thought there is health without proper nutrition, you are cardinally wrong. The impact of diet on our health is immense.

Surely there is genetics, as well as a factor of being physically active, changing climate regularly and staying hydrated, but your nutrition is perhaps the most influential of all and it cannot be surpassed on one’s quest for a healthier life.

Since you can’t really trust restaurants, let alone fast food services that should definitely be avoided if one’s looking for a healthier lifestyle, the place to start is definitely your own kitchen.

So, what is it that you can do in order to upgrade the quality of your life? You can start preparing healthier meals and changing some of your dietary habits, as well as your surroundings when cooking.

Get a blender

It’s about time you joined the cult of smoothie drinkers and by that we don’t mean go get a smoothie in a café and take photos for Instagram, but the real deal.

Get yourself a good blender and start having smoothies for breakfasts or dinners. Your breakfast can be a fruit smoothie made with diet yoghurt, some chia seeds and a few almonds, cashews or walnuts to enrich it with protein.

On the other hand, if you want a dinner smoothie, you can make a good green vegetable blend with water and something to break down all the veggies like almond milk or exotic fruit like pineapple or mango.

It’s both tasty and healthy and it will make you feel energized, but not too full, which is great for being productive and jolly throughout the day.

Make a change

If you feel your kitchen is too stuffy and generally a mess, it’s probably time to make some changes. You can’t become your new and empowered self in your old kitchen. It just doesn’t seem natural.

This is why you need a softer environment and something that will inspire you to eat healthy. It is said that brighter natural colors inspire people to eat more healthily.

However, it isn’t the same thing for everyone which is why most people in Australia opt for custom made kitchens in Sydney. That way they can have a kitchen of their dreams and one of a kind. Unfortunately, most people focus on the living room when they redecorate and the kitchen is never a priority because guests never go inside.

What does it matter? Your kitchen should be beautiful for you, not for other people. You deserve a beautiful and inspiring kitchen.

Restaurant it up

If you find it hard to maintain healthy habits and cook healthy meals, perhaps it would work if you created an environment that will help you stay motivated.

For instance, you can get a chalk board and write a menu for the next day. It will create a sort of a canteen atmosphere and the next day, if you wish for healthy food subsides, you’ll have the board psychologically forcing you to honor the predetermined menu.

You can also get a special healthy shelf to keep all the healthy bread, spices and different types of seeds.

Get gadgets

It may be easier for you to make yourself a freshly squeezed lemonade every morning if you have a lemon squeezer. You can also get an onion peeler, some cool blades that help peel different kinds of fruit and vegetables.

Getting a chopper can also come in handy when blending raw vegetables in order to make a super healthy meal. It makes cooking much faster and more convenient.

Some new pans and cookers would certainly increase your motivation for cooking and trying out new recipes. Either way, it can’t hurt, so you should give it a go.

It’s important to understand that change happens gradually and that you need to slowly introduce new habits into your life and phase out old ones. Nothing can be achieved overnight and the key is discipline and endurance.

So, be bold and strong and trust our advice. It’s not easy changing your whole diet and we all need a little push. Your push can be a lovely looking kitchen that will make you feel happy and craving healthy food when you’re in it.

Do anything that works for you and create an environment that suits your needs and wishes best.