• Politics and Policy

    Australian democracy demands a proper debate

    Dominic O'Sullivan |  August 20, 2019

    Australian democracy is failing to deal with the complex interrelationships between coal and climate change, regional security interests, human rights and trade but today’s political culture of slogans and disengagement from proper debate and scrutiny makes it harder still.

  • Science and Technology

    Unraveling the stories in our stars

    Charles Kemp |  August 20, 2019

    Throughout time, humankind has looked to the stars and recounted the meaning they see. We know this is true of many cultures, in many places. But time and place have influenced those narratives and how they were passed on.

  • Science and Technology

    Becoming a STEM-inist

    Amy Shepherd |  August 20, 2019

    When PhD candidate Amy Shepherd began her career in science, she didn’t dream that within a few years she’d be rubbing shoulders with Nobel Prize winners but still wondering where all the women are.

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    The first national campaign to erase racism in Australia – ‘Give Racism The Finger’

    Elise Keeling     |      June 2, 2011


    The campaign, which will run in 83 The Body Shop stores nationally from 16 May-12 June, will ask customers to Give Racism The Finger by leaving their fingerprint on a canvas in store. By doing so, they will be making a commitment to speak up when they witness racism.

    To find out how to Give Racism The Finger during the campaign visit the All Together Now Homepage 

  • National Cyber Security Awareness Week 2011

    Stuart Strathdee     |      May 27, 2011

    Today marks the start of this year’s National Cyber Security Awareness Week.

    Cyber Security Week 2011 Open Forum buttonMicrosoft is proud to be involved in nationwide events supporting the Department of Broadband Communications and Digital Economy’s initiative, Stay Smart Online

  • Getting closer to Base Camp: the sherpa’s are unpacking the tents

    Malcolm Crompton     |      May 25, 2011

    Privacy will finally be on the agenda of the next G8 meeting. In an encouraging sign G8 leaders’ ‘sherpas’ (or policy emissaries) are on the job to help them scale the issue.

    I wrote a blog in March titled Towards a Global Privacy Framework: Arriving at Base Camp.  The basis for making this statement was that, "Privacy is becoming a global leadership issue at last" because the first announcement had just come out from the CNIL that privacy would be on the agenda of the next G8 meeting for the first time.

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    Stilgherrian: On stage for the Microsoft Politics and Technology Forum

    editor     |      May 20, 2011

    Stilgherrian I’ve attended the previous two Microsoft Politics & Technology Forums in Canberra as their guest, but this year there’s a difference. I’ll be on stage. The date is 1 June 2011. The venue is the Parliament House Theatrette.

    And it’s free. Register here, the ticket code is ‘dale’.

    Read more at Stilgherrian’s blog.

  • Practice makes perfect and other benefits of mature-aged workers

    John Kirk     |      May 20, 2011

  • Let’s break the population taboo

    Ulrike Schuermann     |      May 19, 2011

  • A BERD in the hand

    Nicholas Gruen     |      May 19, 2011

    On 5 May 2011 The Australian Business Foundation released The BERD in the hand: Supporting Business Investment in Research and Development which I authored.

    Both Narelle Kennedy of the Australian Business Foundation and myself were members of the Cutler Review which proposed changing the existing R&D tax concession. The paper argues that the government’s proposed scheme is a big improvement on the status quo. It is likely to boost R&D undertaken by small businesses and it gives Australia more value for money from its R&D spend.

    You can download the full report from the Australian Business Foundation here.

  • The nanny state and class war

    patrickcallioni     |      May 19, 2011

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    Politics & Technology

    editor     |      May 19, 2011

    Iain Dale"Yes, blogs are good. So is Facebook. So is Youtube. Even Twitter has its uses, but if a candidate doesn’t get to grips with email communication he or she should be deselected". Register for FREE to hear Iain Dale’s Keynote (ticket code ‘dale’).

  • Big Data: Our Future or Censor?

    Malcolm Crompton     |      May 18, 2011

    Can we gain from the enormous economic benefits of Big Data while maintaining privacy? Is it time for an ethical approach to Search and Personalisation?

    We have a choice in front of us:  Big Data is emerging as one of THE Big Issues.

    It has immense potential to provide us with economic gain, offer individuals free and made-just-for-them services, drive innovation and much, much more.

    So where is the catch?

    And yes, there is a catch or two.  Just like so many ‘too good to be true’ stories, we need to be careful that this one too doesn’t end up that way.

    Here are three evidence points.

  • Can we afford $40 a tonne for carbon?

    John Kirk     |      May 17, 2011

    Our challenge is to pin-point what the tipping  price is to motivate Australian industry to start innovating.

    Much of the debate in the news over the last few days has been over the actual price of the soon to be carbon tax. It has been suggested that a tax of $40 will be the going rate whilst Labor Party Minister Combet says that it will start at much less than that.

  • A sustainable trend

    Fiona MacDonald     |      May 15, 2011

    Despite popular thought, there is a more down-to-earth side of the Sydney Fashion Weekend, it's a new trend which has been labelled 'eco-fashion' presenting the sustainable side of fashion.

    With Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW) over for another year and every self-respecting style enthusiast left dreaming of a new wardrobe, Fashion Weekend descends upon Sydney. It’s a glamorous experience with runway shows, champagne and designer pieces. But at heart, it’s a shopping event – an excuse for Sydney-siders to put their money where their mind is and consume.