• Education

    A chance to even the odds

    Megan O’Connell |  May 24, 2019

    A child’s destiny is heavily influenced by the lottery of socio-economic status and where they happen to grow up, but access to quality early learning can help even the odds for all Australian children.

  • Politics and Policy

    Voter aspiration powered the Coalition victory

    Mark Triffitt |  May 24, 2019

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s message of aspirational individualism resonated with voters, leaving the polls behind and leaving Labor contemplating a reshaped agenda.

  • Politics and Policy

    Mending the opinion polls

    Adrian Barnett |  May 24, 2019

    Election opinion polls are like penalty shoot-outs at a World Cup final: there’s huge pressure to get it right and we remember the big misses most of all. Better opinions polls are more expensive, because pollsters must make more effort to get a representative and honest sample of voters, but it’s a price worth paying in the future.

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    Walking the Talk

    Warren Reed     |      October 15, 2008

    The term ‘Asia-Pacific Century' is already dated as the geopolitical centre of the world is moving west. On the linguistic front alone, this means that for Australia, the Asian language domain now has to embrace Russian and Arabic, as well as many others.

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    GDP smashed by preoccupation with inflation target

    Chris Lamont     |      October 14, 2008

    The effect of a restrictive monetary policy on investment in the private rental market provides a useful lesson. Rate rises have starved investment while demand has increased; add to that record low vacancy rates – is it any wonder that rents across the country have increases in the order of 10%+.

    The release of the Australian National Accounts on Wednesday [Sept 3, 2008] confirms what most Australians already knew, a rapid slow down in domestic economic activity.  In seasonally adjusted terms GDP increased by just 0.3 per cent in the June quarter. Excise investment in machinery and equipment in Western Australia from the result, and you get zero growth for the quarter.

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    Creativity Matters!!

    ralphkerle     |      October 14, 2008

    How can our tertiary education sector move away from their institutionalized, governance-driven and regulated process of education that is obsolete before it begins?

    www.newmediaminded.com.au is the type of creative business model innovation that Australian industry and government desperately needs.

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    Better regulation and regulatory reform needs to involve everyone, including the citizen

    Matthew Tukaki     |      October 14, 2008

    Have we forgotten that regulatory reform needs to involve all sectors of society – not just business and industry, what about the citizen? A blog in response to Lindsay Tanner, Federal Minister of Finance.

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    Grey matter

    Sonia     |      October 13, 2008

    I can understand how parents could be troubled by someone taking photos of naked eleven and twelve-year-olds in the name of art. But let's look at who the artist is, how he goes about it, how this work fits into the wider context of his other work.

    Last Friday I went to see Barrie Kosky's latest Australian directorial offering, The Women of Troy, currently in production at the Sydney Theatre Company. Kosky and Tom Wright, a long-time collaborator, who together last brought us the stunning, multi-award winning reworking of Ovid's Metamorphoses in 2006, have combined forces once again on their own translation of Euripides' powerful anti-war play. 

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    An Awesome Book To Share About Energy

    beyondgreen     |      October 13, 2008

    This is the most informative book ever written about energy independence. It covers bio fuels, wind energy, solar energy, electric plug in cars and hybrid cars. You will feel like an expert when you are done with this book. At least be able to hold your own in a good conversation.

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    The ‘Second Track’ Process: a Civil Solution

    Peter Fritz     |      October 13, 2008

    We need to move away from the myth that government is always the appropriate agency for resolving people's problems and that the individuals have no responsibility for society outside their own lives.

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    Industrial Environmental Management and Cleaner Production for Sustainable Development

    Andrew Aschner     |      October 13, 2008

    The last 50 years have taught us that the introduction of new approaches can only be accelerated if supported from the top and treated by captains of industry as strategic, so that projects with sufficient resources and priority are put in place.

    I have been developing Industrial Environmental Management as a part of Sustainable Development.  One of the most relevant concepts to this field is Cleaner Production, even more so than Industrial Ecology,  introduced by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in 1989. It is the continuous application of an integrated preventive environmental strategy applied to processes, products and services to reduce risks for humans and the environment.

    It applies to:

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    The Play of Life

    Carlos Raimundo     |      October 13, 2008

    How to stop thinking like a crocodile & start feeling like a human being again.

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    Playing it Safe as Houses

    sally.rose     |      October 12, 2008

    It's generally accepted that you shouldn't buy a new dress on credit if you really can't afford it, so why do we throw such sound logic out when there are a few more zeroes on the end of the price tag and the question is a whole lot more important?

  • Is rationality returning to the official debate over the “war on terrorism”?

    Malcolm Crompton     |      October 11, 2008

    The debate has been long on rhetoric and short on cold, hard analysis.  But it may be about to improve.

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    Talk Openly: Better Regulation Forum with special guest blogger, The Hon. Lindsay Tanner MP

    editor     |      October 9, 2008

    Minister TannerFrom 13-17 October Open Forum hosted The Hon. Lindsay Tanner MP, Minister for Finance and Deregulation, in an online discussion forum on Better Regulation. Thanks to everyone who participated, some quality ideas were shared. See for yourself how the Minister responded to such comments as "Case study: Regulating to distroy innovation and add cost" (Charles on energy regulation in Victoria), "The Minister may consider the use of Web2 technologies" (Victor Perton on reducing the cost of policy input) or Russell Yardley's idea of a small business wikipedia of everyday practical problems.