• Business

    Checkout capitalism

    Sanjoy Paul |  February 22, 2024

    As you pack your own purchases at Coles or Woolworths this week, having paid 50% more for your family’s food that you did a couple of years ago, take a moment to consider the ways Australia’s predatory duopoly dominates the nation’s food supply and exemplify the ‘chokepoint capitalism’ defined by Cory Doctorow.

  • Defence and Security

    Is bigger big enough?

    Malcolm Davis |  February 22, 2024

    The Federal Government’s plan to expand Australian naval power is welcome, although the review tacitly accepts that a lack of manpower is as big a problem as a lack of modern ships and missile firepower.

  • Pacific

    Turmoil in PNG

    Michael Kabuni |  February 22, 2024

    PNG has been riven by looting and political instability after police departed their posts due to salary deductions.

Latest Story

  • Stability or submission?

    Justin Bassi     |      January 24, 2024

    The governments of Australia and China both ostensibly want to improve their rocky relationship, but the shape this should take is seen in very different terms in Beijing compared to Canberra.

  • Will digital currencies enable digital dictatorships?

    Evgeny Parfenov     |      January 23, 2024

    The adoption of digital currencies by governments around the world prompt important questions for society, not least why such initiatives are needed, and what agendas may be hidden behind them.

  • Defining the ‘common good’

    Naomi Baes     |      January 23, 2024

    People may agree the need to pursue the “common good” but will then prioritise very different social and moral issues and disagree about practical ways to achieve them.

  • Drone wars

    Bradley Perrett     |      January 23, 2024

    Ukraine has been forced to rely on remotely operated drones to take the battle to the Russian invaders, given the West’s reluctance to supply the modern jets the country needs, but these small, cheap craft have proven effective and are changing military thinking around the world.

  • Fake it till you make it

    Tom Buchanan     |      January 22, 2024

    Only a minority of people share false information but, given the vast scale of social media platforms, even that can lead to fake stories spreading like wildfire.

  • Australia’s vanishing surface fleet

    Kim Beazley     |      January 22, 2024

    Australia’s navy is a fraction of its former size, and the focus on nuclear powered hunter killer submarines means there is little money left to expand the number of surface combatants.

  • Why populists are popular

    Dorje Brody     |      January 21, 2024

    Simplistic, divisive and bombastic demagogues like Donald Trump succeed because of those traits, rather than despite them.

  • Australia may regulate “high risk” AI

    Lisa Given     |      January 21, 2024

    Ed Husic, the Federal Minister for Industry and Science, has announced the Australian government’s response to the Safe and Responsible AI in Australia consultation, pledging to regulate what he terms ‘high risk’ AI.

  • Road wars

    Milad Haghani     |      January 21, 2024

    After decades of decline, more people are dying on Australia’s roads as traffic congestion increases and more people speed, distract themselves with phones, ignore road rules and conventions and drive with alcohol or drugs in their system.

  • Spamouflage

    Albert Zhang     |      January 20, 2024

    The Chinese Communist Party launched a massive campaign to manipulate Taiwanese voters by spreading disinformation and propaganda across social media, and its failure to influence the result should not undermine the threat this poses to democracies around the world.

  • Ukraine 2 Russia 0

    Matthew Powell     |      January 20, 2024

    Ukraine is celebrating the downing of two expensive Russian air-control aircraft in recent days, and the subsequent erosion of Russia’s ability to coordinate its air and ground forces, observe and track targets and provide real-time aerial intelligence.

  • Building community resilience

    Brian Robert Cook     |      January 19, 2024

    Australia’s disaster authorities need to rethink how they use warnings and other communications if they want to build more resilient communities.