• International

    Unlocking science for small island states

    Open Forum |  May 28, 2024

    An urgent call for increased international support and collaboration for science in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) has been released in a declaration by the International Science Council SIDS Liaison Committee at the 4th international conference on SIDS in Antigua and Barbuda.

  • Energy

    Not in my back yard

    Lucy Richardson |  May 28, 2024

    While public opinion polls show broad support for more action to reduce climate emissions in theory, local opposition to renewable energy schemes continues to grow.

  • Society

    Will bird flu be the next pandemic?

    Vinod Balasubramaniam |  May 28, 2024

    The first case of H5N1 bird flu was reported in Australia last week. Is the world prepared for what could lead to the next pandemic?

Latest Story

  • Who’d be an academic?

    Louise Johnson     |      May 8, 2024

    Australia’s academics feel insecure and overworked and their careers are getting harder to maintain. What does this herald for the future of Australian universities?

  • Pummeling the privet

    Sonia Graham     |      May 8, 2024

    The success of a local rivercare project in tackling invasive privet lies as much in forging social connections as much as the need for environmental action.

  • Science by design

    Rebecca Green     |      May 8, 2024

    Graphic design can be a powerful tool in enhancing people’s confidence in scientific communications.

  • Red tape ties up university innovation

    David Noble     |      May 7, 2024

    Australian public universities tout themselves as bastions of innovation and driving forces behind economic growth, but their in-built cultures are getting in the way.

  • 5 clues to the birth of life

    Louise Gillet de Chalonge     |      May 7, 2024

    The origins of life on Earth remain one of the biggest unsolved questions in science, but five remarkable discoveries over the last five years have shed light on the possible process.

  • The future of farming

    Open Forum     |      May 7, 2024

    Australia must act now to accelerate agricultural innovation to achieve productive, resilient and sustainable farming systems by 2050, according to a new report released by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO.

  • Tackling violence against women

    Rosalind Dixon     |      May 6, 2024

    A spate of violent attacks on women in recent weeks have put the issue at the front of the political debate, so what can be done to address this problem?

  • Automatic for the people

    Oliver Bown     |      May 6, 2024

    AI allows people to generate art, writing and now music without any of the talent, technique or practice previously required. Whether anyone else wants to consume this work is another matter.

  • Online advertising, not social media, killed traditional journalism

    Amanda Lotz     |      May 6, 2024

    Traditional newspapers relied on advertising revenue to subsidise their journalism and so when most adverts shifted online, journalism suffered as a result, and this – rather than the rise of social media – is the crucial factor.

  • In praise of Paul Auster

    Paul Giles     |      May 5, 2024

    The passing of Brooklyn novelist Paul Auster, who burst onto the literary scene with his ‘New York Trilogy’ in 1987, will sadden lovers of fine writing around the world.

  • Resilient food systems

    Rachel Carey     |      May 5, 2024

    With increasing shocks to our food supply, we need clear government accountability to ensure the right to adequate food.

  • Backyard safari

    Luis Mata     |      May 5, 2024

    ‘Bioblitz’ events like the City Nature Challenge are advancing science and empowering communities to discover species never seen before in some urban areas.