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    Innovation is for everyone

    Brad Howarth |  October 15, 2019

    It’s generally accepted that Australia could be doing more to lift its rate of innovation, but assigning responsibility to one group alone is unlikely to solve the problem and may be the reason we find ourselves in our current malaise.

  • Culture

    Selling surfing’s soul

    David Gilbert |  October 15, 2019

    The corporate high-performance, merchandise-heavy, social media-driven vision of modern surfing won’t be one shared by most wave riders on Australia’s beaches this summer.

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    Contractor safety is good for business

    Stella Ryne |  October 15, 2019

    Over 30 Australian construction workers are killed through falls, vehicle accidents, being hit by objects or contact with electricity every year, and more than 10,000 are seriously injured. It’s the most dangerous job in Australia and it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep things safe on every building site.

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    Advance Australia, Yeah!

    JEQP     |      October 27, 2008

    A national anthem is supposed to be inspirational and aspirational, it’s not supposed to reflect the country we are but the country we want to be. 

    About a month ago Gregor Stronach had a bit of a whinge about the Australian National Anthem ("Advance Australia meh…"), and to make his point dissected the song using the time-honoured, if somewhat dishonest, method of taking words out of context and interpreting metaphors literally. The same method could be used against any piece of writing; applied against Stronach’s own piece one wouldn’t even make it past the title without noticing that "meh" isn’t a word and deploring him as an illiterate.

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    First Home Saver Accounts

    Wayne Swan     |      October 26, 2008

    The Government is investing around $1.2 billion over four years in the First Home Saver Account policy.

    First Home Saver Accounts will help bring the dream of home ownership closer to a reality for many thousands of young Australians.

    First Home Saver Accounts are the first of their kind in Australia and will provide a tax effective way for Australians to save for a first home to live in, through a combination of Government contributions and low taxes. For example, a couple each earning average incomes, both putting aside 10 per cent of their income into individual First Home Saver Accounts, would be able to save more than $88,000 after five years. The introduction of the Accounts will also help spark a new savings culture amongst young Australians.

  • The privacy conversation is not moving; The Identity Management debate is

    Malcolm Crompton     |      October 26, 2008

    What is happening in the global debate on how to make it safe for individuals to share personal information (or have it shared), otherwise known as "information privacy"?  What about a significant part of this discussion, developing identity management arrangements for the 21st century that respect the individual, otherwise known as "user centric identity management"?

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    House Price Gamblers Support Grant: Shockingly bad news for future generations and the economy

    daniel     |      October 22, 2008

    House price gambling must be allowed to fail now, or it will fail in a bigger way later.

  • Great News for Home Buyers and the Economy

    Open Forum     |      October 20, 2008

    The doubling of the First Home Owners Grant and the tripling of the grant for those building new homes are expected to provide an immediate stimulus for new housing and help restore business confidence across the sector.

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    Developing business contingency plans for the months ahead: consolidating and building

    Matthew Tukaki     |      October 20, 2008

    How do we insulate our business from the global financial crisis? What steps can we consider? How do we plan and build for the future while consolidating the present. Sure there are challenges, but there are also opportunities in challenges!

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    Everyone out of their comfort zone

    Fiona Ryan-Clark     |      October 16, 2008

    There is no reason why poor housing stock, a huge maintenance backlog and chronically poor social and economic outcomes for residents could not be tackled strategically and systematically over a 10 or 15 year period, through a private sector and government partnership approach.

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    The beginning of the end

    Catherine Fritz-Kalish     |      October 16, 2008

    For those of you reading this who are sitting the exams this year – good luck! And for all those people behind the scenes egging you on – well done for getting to this point!

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    Walking the Talk

    Warren Reed     |      October 15, 2008

    The term ‘Asia-Pacific Century' is already dated as the geopolitical centre of the world is moving west. On the linguistic front alone, this means that for Australia, the Asian language domain now has to embrace Russian and Arabic, as well as many others.

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    GDP smashed by preoccupation with inflation target

    Chris Lamont     |      October 14, 2008

    The effect of a restrictive monetary policy on investment in the private rental market provides a useful lesson. Rate rises have starved investment while demand has increased; add to that record low vacancy rates – is it any wonder that rents across the country have increases in the order of 10%+.

    The release of the Australian National Accounts on Wednesday [Sept 3, 2008] confirms what most Australians already knew, a rapid slow down in domestic economic activity.  In seasonally adjusted terms GDP increased by just 0.3 per cent in the June quarter. Excise investment in machinery and equipment in Western Australia from the result, and you get zero growth for the quarter.

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    Creativity Matters!!

    ralphkerle     |      October 14, 2008

    How can our tertiary education sector move away from their institutionalized, governance-driven and regulated process of education that is obsolete before it begins?

    www.newmediaminded.com.au is the type of creative business model innovation that Australian industry and government desperately needs.

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    Better regulation and regulatory reform needs to involve everyone, including the citizen

    Matthew Tukaki     |      October 14, 2008

    Have we forgotten that regulatory reform needs to involve all sectors of society – not just business and industry, what about the citizen? A blog in response to Lindsay Tanner, Federal Minister of Finance.