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    Refuse, Reuse, Legislate

    sally.rose     |      November 21, 2008

    It's terrible being unable to control yourself even when you know better. Please make my bad habits illegal.

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    Jumping on the pink bandwagon

    christel83     |      November 20, 2008

    The colour pink has grown out to be more than only the symbol of breast cancer; it has become a powerful representative for corporate social responsibility.

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    ConnectCare: Taking the Pain Away from eHealth

    Con Koulouris     |      November 20, 2008

    Providing a greater level of care for all Australian aged care residents has been the common motivating force behind this new, joint pilot project of the Federal Government & industry partners.

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    e-Health the key to a healthier system

    Neil Batt     |      November 19, 2008

    We should be trying to buy and then modify complete e-Health bundled systems which have already proved successful overseas, rather than constantly trying to reinvent the wheel.

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    Show me the Money!

    Peter Fritz     |      November 17, 2008

    Government needs to worry less about a lack of innovation and think more about its own role in supporting business which are innovating.

    Last month I attended a gathering to mark the release of "Inside the Innovation Matrix", the latest publication from the Australian Business Foundation. The Hon. Craig Emerson MP had been invited to say a few words to launch the book.

    He was armed with the full vocabulary of innovation speak to throw at us: vision, daring, connectivity, clustering, inter-disciplinary communities, innovation…the list goes on.

    Over the last 30yrs I’ve participated in various initiatives concerned with promoting innovation, and what I heard felt strikingly similar to what I’ve heard before. It was a little like hearing an echo of Ministers past.  

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    What is the extent of the difference between Confucianism-based and Western-style pedagogy?

    Xiaoli Pei     |      November 13, 2008

    The international education industry has become the third largest export earner for Australia. The number of full-fee paying international students increased by 19% in 2007; Chinese students accounted for 22%, which places them first in the list of Major Source Countries of overseas students in Australia.

    Culture shock is already a familiar concept for immigrants. They have always had to deal with it. However, the majority of Chinese students coming to Australia to study struggle with a further aspect of this problem: learning shock.

    "I feel it is really difficult to get used to the learning style here," said Qun Gao, who is studying at the University of Sydney, looking depressed.

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    The First “Black” President

    sally.rose     |      November 12, 2008

    Generations of discrimination can take generations to be repaired: Australia needs to move on if we want to follow the USA on this one.

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    The unsustainable complexity dilemma

    Andrew Gaines     |      November 12, 2008

    NSW stands at a crossroads, the magnitude of which has seen greater civilizations destroy themselves.

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    What’s the Fuss with e-Health?

    Peter Dutton     |      November 11, 2008

    We are happy to let technology invade our everyday lives, yet we're uncomfortable to use it for better healthcare. Why?

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    The rise of the working poor

    Phil Coller     |      November 9, 2008

    The economic crisis has pushed a new demographic to seek charitable assistance for the first time, and it’s natural for donations to decline just when they are most needed.

    In the past few months we have seen many new clients for the first time. Some of whom have made donations to our organisation in the past. Many have resisted seeking out assistance from a charity for as long as possible; because whilst never rich, they have always considered themselves to be "working class". This means that by the time we see them they are usually in financial crisis and under a huge psychological strain as a result.

    Typically, these are people who despite challenges, such as a difficult upbringing or a limited education have, until now, managed to cope. They’re used to having to struggle to make ends meet, but in the past they’ve somehow always managed.   

  • Measures to start addressing affordable rental housing

    Andrew Meehan     |      November 6, 2008

    It is now widely accepted that Australia has a huge housing affordability problem. Indeed, rarely a day goes by in the media without discussion of house prices, interest rates, first home buyers, and the lack of affordability.

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    Matthew Tukaki     |      November 6, 2008

    The election of Obama will see the rise of a new world order.