• International

    Trump stands firm in a time of crisis

    Jason Beale |  June 4, 2020

    Well-meaning protestors, violent activists, lawless criminal gangs, and opportunistic looters have taken to the streets of American cities, but Donald Trump’s firm response is enraging the media.

  • Society

    Australia leads the world – in panic buying

    Freya Norman |  June 4, 2020

    New research released by UNSW Sydney on COVID-19 consumer panic shopping has shown that Australian consumers top the globe in panic buying habits – in speed and scale.

  • Media

    Just the facts, Ma’am

    Caroline Tang |  June 4, 2020

    Fake news has proliferated around COVID-19, so how can scientists cut through the misinformation about the pandemic to inform the public of the facts?

Latest Story

  • Bulls and Politics

    Marta Conejo Sobrino     |      September 13, 2010

    International coverage of the recent banning of bullfighting in Catalonia has focused on animal rights whilst largely ignoring the real domestic issues behind the story.

    European politics is too grey to make the news in Australia often. Spain though appears to be such an unimportant country that Catalonian Politicians must have thought they needed add some colour to attract attention. 

    So blood red it is. Very appropiate for the moment.

    The 28 July 2010 decision of Catalans to ban bullfighting is a joke.

    Catalonia, whose capital Barcelona is Spain's second largest city, has now followed the lead of the Canary Islands, which made the practice illegal in 1991. But the motives of the Catalonians differ from those of the Canaries.

  • Changing face of business: challenges and choices

    Les Pickett     |      September 10, 2010

    The way in which companies are managed is being challenged by the increasing focus on social and political systems, the natural environment and the global economy.

    This requires a review of the definition of corporate success.

    Tomorrow’s successful companies will recognise corporate social responsibility as a critical success factor and will provide goods and services in a way that is both profitable and ethical. They will respect the environment, individuals and the communities in which they operate.

    To survive and be successful they will need to win the trust of their various stakeholders, act in a responsible manner, anticipate and respond rapidly to the changing expectations of society.

    This requires a focus on three inter-locking and mutually reinforcing priorities:

  • Time to revive Rudd’s Asia Pacific vision

    Charles Jian-Zhao Phang     |      September 9, 2010

  • And the music plays on

    patrickcallioni     |      September 8, 2010

    The independents have decided.

    "I conclude, then, that so long as Fortune varies and men stand still, they will prosper while they suit the times, and fail when they do not. But I do feel this: that it is better to be rash than timid, for Fortune is a woman, and the man who wants to hold her down must beat and bully her. We see that she yields more often to men of this stripe than to those who come coldly toward her". Niccoló Machiavelli, The Prince

  • Success and traditional rules don’t always go hand-in-hand

    Kate Williamson     |      September 3, 2010

    On 30 July 2010 I attended a great event hosted by the University of Sydney as part of the   Sydney Ideas conference. The topic was “What makes a creative entrepreneur?”. 

    It brought together siblings Dare and Kate Jennings with long time friend, James Valentine, as moderator to look at businesses which have become successful without following traditional guidelines.

    Dare was a creator behind the hugely successful brand Mambo. He now runs Deus Ex Machina, a company, which develops customised motorcycles and clothing lines.  His sister Kate who has carved out a careers as a professional writer and currently lives in New York. 

  • Post-electoral musical chairs

    patrickcallioni     |      August 31, 2010

    It is now more than a week  since the election and negotiations proceed to determine who will form the next government; noting that we already have a government, albeit in caretaker mode.

    Incumbency could become very significant in this complicated post-electoral game of musical chairs, as Jack Waterford explained in The Canberra Times recently. Waterford’s point was that if Julia Gillard were to go to Government House now and sought a fresh appointment as PM, she would get it, on the grounds that until a no-confidence vote in the House of Representatives went against her, she is entitled to assume that she the confidence of the House.

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    20 years strong: and now a renaissance

    editor     |      August 31, 2010

    TheMHS small web logoTheMHS twentieth annual mental health services conference will be held at the Sydney Convention Centre Darling Harbour 14-17 September 2010. This year’s program has a focus on transcultural service delivery. MORE INFO>>

  • Accelerating social changemakers: it’s all about the people

    msweeks@cisco.com     |      August 30, 2010

    Martin Stewart-Weeks, Chair of the Australian Social Innovation Exchange (ASIX), reflects on the first year and where the organisation is headed next.

    For the past couple of months, we’ve been thinking about who we are, what we do and what we want to achieve. Aided by Rachel Botsman and with great input from a number of people in the social innovation community, we’ve been refining the way ASIX should define its identity and purpose.

    This blog post sets out the basic story. We’d be keen to hear from anyone with any thoughts and reactions to the way we’ve defined our identity and purpose. And if you haven’t already, sign up at the ASIX website and register as a ‘changemaker’, part of the steadily growing community of people becoming more active and engaged.

  • Pull out of Afghanistan now, says new Australian MP

    Antony Lowenstein     |      August 26, 2010

    An Australian politician who actually thinks before he speaks on Afghanistan (unlike the parrots in the major parties).

    Andrew Wilkie has said the justification given by both parties for keeping Australian troops in Afghanistan is a “great lie”.

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    New News 2010 Conference

    editor     |      August 25, 2010

    Melbourne Writers' Festival mini logoThe Swinburne University Public Interest Journalism Foundation (PIJ) and Melbourne Writers Festival (MWF) present New News 2010, a groundbreaking two day conference on the future of journalism on 2nd and 3rd September.

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    Tony Windsor MP

    editor     |      August 25, 2010

    Tony Windsor MPMeet the regional independents likely to hold the balance of power. To see how Tony Windsor MP presents himself on his homepage CLICK HERE>>

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    Bob Katter MP

    editor     |      August 25, 2010

    Meet the regional independents likely to hold the balance of power. To see how Bob Katter MP presents himself on his homepage CLICK HERE>>