• Environment

    The battle of the coral sea

    Open Forum |  September 21, 2021

    The loss of 50% of the world’s coral reefs since 1950 has led to an equally significant loss in the ability of reefs to support the food and livelihoods of indigenous peoples.

  • Defence and Security

    Australia signs up to the Anglosphere

    Allan Gyngell |  September 21, 2021

    The new submarine agreement is a big Australian bet on the future of the United States, and at a more uncertain time in American politics than at almost any point in the history of the alliance.

  • Health

    Behind the scenes with the Chief Health Officers

    Patrick Harris |  September 19, 2021

    Day to day media coverage of the Coronavirus epidemic misses the nuances of the role of State Chief Health Officer beyond reading out case numbers. This is what we found when we spoke to them.

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