• Society

    Trust the science

    Doug Hilton |  April 16, 2024

    We need science to tackle the big challenges of today, so we must defend it from attack. While Australia isn’t as polarised as the US about scientific trust and issues, we can’t afford to be complacent.

  • Society

    Understanding the Solomons elections

    Priestley Habru |  April 16, 2024

    Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare is looking to retain power on April 17 in what could prove a vital day for the geo-political future not just of the Solomon Islands, but the whole Pacific.

  • Business

    Innovate and grow

    Open Forum |  April 16, 2024

    Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, is inviting small to medium enterprises (SMEs) working on advanced manufacturing solutions to apply for a self-paced, 10-week, online program that can help them turn an idea into an R&D opportunity.

Latest Story

  • The joy of small things

    Jolanta Burke     |      April 7, 2024

    Find joy in the little things is a common piece folk advice has been around for aeons, and modern research suggests that it really helps boost well-being.

  • Out of darkness

    Penny Spikins     |      April 7, 2024

    Despite its stone age setting and modern ‘girl boss’ main characters, Out of Darkness is better than it has any right to be.

  • AI at the UN

    Mercedes Page     |      April 7, 2024

    While the UN may not ever be able to mandate a single global AI governance framework, it can play a crucial role in setting minimum standards, fostering consensus on core principles and facilitating interoperability between different technological blocs, ensuring that AI is developed and deployed responsibly for the benefit of everyone.

  • Water of life

    Open Forum     |      April 6, 2024

    A new book “Deep Water” is a hymn to the beauty, mystery and wonder of the ocean. Weaving together science, history and personal experience, it offers vital new ways of understanding not just humanity’s relationship with the planet, but our past – and perhaps most importantly, our future.

  • Compassion fatigue

    Debbie Ling     |      April 6, 2024

    There’s so much bad news that people are avoiding news sites, programmes and newspapers, as there’s a limit to how much war, violence, famine and hatred they can take, so appealing to people’s sense of compassion may hold the key to keeping them informed and even taking action to fix our troubled world.

  • Fear and loathing in Australia

    Sarah Maddison     |      April 6, 2024

    Successive federal governments have called into question the values that lie at the very heart of Australia’s hard-won and cherished democratic freedoms.

  • Back on the couch

    Nick Haslam     |      April 5, 2024

    Writer and psychotherapist Adam Phillips is often hailed as one of the world’s great essayists. His new book – exploring the topic of giving up, among other things – is both erudite and slippery.

  • Firms behaving badly

    Allan Fels     |      April 5, 2024

    Australian authorities have never had the power to break up big businesses that behave badly, but maybe they should, given the power of major corporates and their disdain for fair competition and consumer law.

  • The ugly truth of anti-Zionism

    Suzanne Rutland     |      April 5, 2024

    The protests against Israel’s war on Hamas following the terrorist attack of October 2023 are all too often a thin veneer over the underlying wish to wipe Israel from the map and destroy the Jewish people.

  • Remembering Daniel Kahneman

    Daniel Read     |      April 4, 2024

    Daniel Kahneman’s passing at 90 years old leaves a major gap in the field of behavioural science and the wider intellectual community.

  • Lab rats

    Brendan Walker-Munro     |      April 4, 2024

    The penetration of the Canadian government’s National Microbiology Lab by two Chinese agents underlines the importance of Australian governments and universities guarding against Chinese espionage.

  • CSIRO steps up to drive SME innovation

    Open Forum     |      April 4, 2024

    Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has announced a $20 million investment to provide small to medium enterprises with greater access to vital research and development opportunities to accelerate their growth.