• Coronavirus

    Remaking the world after COVID-19

    Ian Goldin |  March 30, 2020

    A new world order could be forged from the terrible fire of this pandemic if we work together to prioritise the needs of all our citizens, and overcome the divides between nations.

  • Climate Change

    Inspiring action on climate change

    David Holmes |  March 30, 2020

    When COVID-19 passes, climate change will still be waiting for us but politicians have shown us that radical, global measures to tackle a common threat are not only possible, but effective.

  • Health

    A chance to reframe health politics

    George Disney |  March 30, 2020

    The response to COVID-19 is a reminder of the huge capacity of states to improve health outcomes and exposes how our acceptance of suffering on the basis of ‘affordability’ costs lives.

Latest Story

  • Just in time runs out of time

    Evan Fraser     |      March 19, 2020

    Extra consumer demand has exposed the fragility of our supermarkets’ just-in-time ordering systems, but coronavirus is highlighting the modern world’s lack of resilience in many other ways.

  • Learning the lessons

    Open Forum     |      March 18, 2020

    Australian governments at all levels should have learned a lot between the onset of the bushfire season and the first stages of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

  • Are we too reliant on Chinese trade?

    Shiro Armstrong     |      March 18, 2020

    Is Australia trading too much with China and too dependent on the Chinese economy, as a lot of the public commentary would have you believe?

  • We can’t buy our way out of recession

    Dawn Lo     |      March 18, 2020

    An Australian recession is likely to be part of a global slump, with some workers especially vulnerable, says a UNSW Economics expert.

  • Dear Prime Minister…

    Greg Kelly     |      March 17, 2020

    An open letter signed by a growing number of Australian doctors is calling for more urgent action to ‘lock down’ Australia and prepare the health system to address the fast growing Coronavirus epidemic.

  • Optimising online education

    Kay Harrison     |      March 17, 2020

    Australia’s schools and universities haven’t yet been ordered to close, but many countries have already taken this step, and the quality of online education must be optimised to ensure students don’t miss out.

  • Learning from Singapore about the future of work

    Conrad Guimaraes     |      March 17, 2020

    Australia needs to improve its future of work policies and Singapore’s approach offers a useful starting point for policymakers in Canberra.

  • Six inquiries on Australia’s South Pacific step-up

    Graeme Dobell     |      March 17, 2020

    Australia is doing a lot of thinking about what steps to take in the South Pacific, but how high does the ‘Pacific step-up’ have to go?

  • Worried yet? 5 ways to manage news consumption

    Mark Pearson     |      March 16, 2020

    Coronavirus is dominating the headlines and social media feeds, and not all the information out there is true. Relying on trusted, evidence-based sources is the best way to keep informed as the situation develops.

  • Cabin fever?

    Amy Young     |      March 16, 2020

    With more advice for people to ‘self-isolate’ themselves after travel or contact with people with symptoms, what are the psychological impacts, and consequent social impacts, we can expect?

  • Slow off the mark

    Jessica Richards     |      March 16, 2020

    Despite the cancellation of sports events around the world to slow the spread of coronavirus, Australian sports from Formula One to rugby league and Australian rules football, have tried hard to protect their income at the expense of their fans’ health.

  • Testing new arrivals could save more lives

    Wayne Robertson     |      March 15, 2020

    It would be a tragedy if the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread because the authorities failed to give swab tests to everyone who meets the appropriate criteria.