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  • The Internet of Things (IoT) and emerging security concerns

    Tanveer Zia     |      August 7, 2017

    The internet was not invented to be a controlled system, yet it is a backbone for every device capable of connectivity, making it open to global attacks. Associate Professor Tanveer Zia considers security responses within the ever-expanding IoT.

  • The Pursuit of Reasons in the Age of Algorithmic Authority

    Joshua Ngai     |      August 3, 2017

    Technology is increasingly making day-to-day decisions on our behalf, its awareness of our behaviours growing with use. Secrecy prevails to some degree in all large institutions, but opacity seems to be at the heart of algorithmic models. Joshua Ngai suggests we take a moment to consider the lack of transparency.

  • Australian citizenship – who is in and who is out?

    Dominic O'Sullivan     |      August 1, 2017

    Recent activity in the Australian Senate has us questioning who is Australian? Australia shares high level national security information with some of the jurisdictions that Canavan, Ludlam, Waters and perhaps Banks and Roberts hold citizenship with, yet we find their citizens threatening. Dominic O’Sullivan considers this and the amendment of the constitution to allow four-year parliamentary terms.