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A new way of thinking about work injuries – report released

Recovery at work strategic roundtableThe health benefits of work, early intervention and how to improve the recovery rates for injured employees were the focus of a recent strategic stakeholder roundtable at NSW Parliament House. The final GAP report has now been released.

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Have a night in, get the word out

White Ribbon Australia logoFriday 29 July 2016 is White Ribbon Night. The event raises funds to help stop violence against women. Communities across Australia are asked to have a night in to get the word out.

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Improve youth employment

United NationsThe UN is observing World Youth Skills Day on 15 July 2016 with a special event on the theme of “Skills Development to Improve Youth Employment.”



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Blog of the Day

Clare Ainsworth Herschells picture

Millennial philanthropists stepping up to the plate for the arts

posted by Clare Ainsworth Herschell, Jul 22, 2016

How can we inspire a young generation of philanthropists to secure the future of Australian arts? Clare Ainsworth Herschell shares ten things she’s learnt as Next Generation Development Manager for the Art Gallery of NSW.

It’s hard to imagine a world without the arts. But the current climate of austerity around arts funding poses a very real threat to the Australian cultural landscape of the future.

Our future.

I graduated from high school in the year 2000, and it was our class that defined the beginning of the ‘Millennial’ generation (otherwise known as Gen Y).

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Featured Forum

Australian Youth

For the next two months, we will talk with youth workers, researchers, young industry professionals and various youth organisations. Why do we want to talk about youth? Because the topics that concern them affect all of us, young and old.

According to a recent survey, young people identified alcohol and drugs, equity and discrimination, and the economy and financial matters as some of the most important issues in Australia today.

This year, nearly 350,000 young people are not enrolled to vote in Australia. What can we do to get everyone involved in the political process?

Many young people report that they face barriers when it comes to their post-school study/work goals. What factors are affecting the job market and youth employment rates, and what can we do to address the number and quality of job opportunities?

Lots of youngsters also question their confidence when it comes to achieving their ambitions after school. How are current educational programs preparing students for their careers? What changes can we expect to see in education, and how will they affect youth now and in the future?

Please contact Svetlana at sstankovic@openforum.com.au and share your ideas, your hopes and concerns with our online community.

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Australian Youth Discussion Forum

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Australian business is embracing the Sustainable Development Goals

Leeora Black's picture

What are the most important Sustainable Development Goals for Australian and New Zealand organisations and how can they take action to achieve them? Dr Leeora Black, Managing Director of the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ACCSR), has the details of one of the largest ongoing studies on CSR in the world.

The importance of purpose

Stephanie Byrne's picture

We all have a fundamental need for community and purpose. Stephanie Byrne says when young people are connected to networks in the community and engage with a wider sense of belonging and achievement, they become more resilient and can begin to flourish.

Man overboard! Do you throw a rope or jump in?

Jenny Brockis's picture

The one attribute too often missing, and the one that drives connection, communication and effective leadership, is empathy. Dr Jenny Brockis explains how empathy is different from sympathy and how we can cultivate it.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation: The revival of populism in Australian politics

Liam Lander's picture

Pauline Hanson has reappeared on the national scene and her party is likely to claim three seats in the Senate. Liam Lander explains why populist movements like hers exist and what impact in government One Nation could have.

Startup Muster: Understanding the Australian startup ecosystem

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Did you ever wonder how your startup compares to others in terms of funding, team and plans? The CEO of Startup Muster, Monica Wulff, invites you to take part in the largest annual survey of Australian startups and its supporters.

Great Barrier Reef: Springvale Station purchase

Max Thomas's picture

Environment groups and scientists have hailed the Queensland Government’s recent move to buy a cattle station south of Cooktown as a victory for reef conservation. Max Thomas questions whether the purchase serves a well-planned purpose beyond a mere political one.