• Science and Technology

    Turning our technology against us

    Cynthia Wong |  September 23, 2018

    Public trust in digital devices has slumped due to a range of privacy scandals and the weaponisation of social media by hostile foreign governments and extremists. However last month, the Australian government proposed legislation that could make things worse.

  • Environment

    Desalination plants don’t affect marine environments

    Open Forum |  September 23, 2018

    Highly saline flows from the Sydney Desalination Plant will not affect surrounding marine life as commonly believed, a major new study led by UNSW Sydney shows. 

  • Health

    Health star ratings: What’s on the labels of Australian drinks?

    Open Forum |  September 23, 2018

    The Health Star Rating System is a useful tool to communicate health and nutrition messages to consumers but given the large part played by sugar laden drinks to Australia’s swelling waistlines, a new study looks at how well the HSR System is used on beverages.

Latest Story

  • Taking a clear look at inequality

    Roger Wilkins     |      September 22, 2018

    Politicians are right when they say that the best anti-poverty measure is a job, but they don’t always provide a policy environment to help that to happen for everyone. The inflexibility and cost of the childcare system, for example, creates substantial barriers to employment of single parents.

  • The backflip over Sydney’s marine park is a defiance of science

    David Booth     |      September 22, 2018

    The New South Wales government has turned its back on plans to create sanctuary zones covering 2.4% of waters around Sydney, despite evidence that these ‘no-take’ areas are crucial for protecting fish.

  • Australia set to miss global chronic disease targets

    Open Forum     |      September 22, 2018

    Australia, along with more than half of all countries in the world, is predicted to fail to reach the WHO target to reduce premature deaths from cancers, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, and diabetes by 2030, according to a new analysis published ahead of the third UN High-Level Meeting on non-communicable diseases.

  • Memories are made of this – Tackling dementia with music therapy

    Imogen Crump     |      September 21, 2018

    A new global study, led by the University of Melbourne, is bringing music in as medicine to treat people with dementia and depression.

  • Scientists crack the cane toad’s genetic code

    Open Forum     |      September 21, 2018

    A group of scientists from UNSW Sydney, the University of Sydney, Deakin University, Portugal and Brazil have unlocked the DNA of the cane toad, a poisonous amphibian that is a threat to many native Australian species.

  • Charity review calls for higher disclosure requirements

    Open Forum     |      September 21, 2018

    An academic review of 342 not-for-profit organisations has found that only 55 published annual reports and financial statements which disclosed the dollar amount spent to achieve their social mission.

  • Can video games help chronic low back pain?

    Open Forum     |      September 20, 2018

    New research from University of Sydney has found home-based video-game exercises can reduce chronic low back pain in older people by 27 per cent, which is comparable to benefits gained under programs supervised by a physiotherapist.

  • Cultural diplomacy: Australia’s chance in the Pacific

    James Miles Carey     |      September 20, 2018

    With DFAT currently conducting a review of Australia’s Soft Power Review, what is the potential for cultural diplomacy to help Australia achieve its foreign policy goals in the region?

  • The mangled myths dogging the joint strike fighter

    Brendan Nicholson     |      September 20, 2018

    With the RAAF’s first two operational joint strike fighters arriving in early December, long-time critics have launched a fresh wave of claims that the aircraft is a disaster, but are any of these assertions actually true?

  • Climate change tops the concerns of Gen X and Gen Y

    Julia Cook     |      September 20, 2018

    Climate change is the number one cause for concern for both Generation X and Generation Y and they aren’t impressed by government efforts to tackle environmental challenges.

  • Newington College’s enduring partnership with Tonga’s Tupou College

    David Mulford     |      September 20, 2018

    Newington College has maintained strong links with Tonga’s Tupou College since mid-19th century, offering an avenue for talented young Pacific Islanders to expand their horizons and pave the way to their future education opportunities.

  • Proving what really works in education

    John Hattie     |      September 19, 2018

    Using data and reason, rather than intuition, to decide where to invest the large sums spent globally on education, would make a huge difference to the learning outcomes of many students