• Society

    A Ministry of Loneliness?

    Alan Stevenson |  November 14, 2018

    Loneliness is an increasing social problem despite, or because of, the increasing population density of our cities and our reliance on social media. Would the creation of a ‘Ministry of Loneliness’ signal society’s intention to take this problem more seriously?

  • Environment

    Crowdfunding aims to save the Tasmanian Devil

    Open Forum |  November 14, 2018

    A crowdfunding campaign has been launched by the University of Adelaide to help save the Tasmanian devil, one of Australia’s most iconic but endangered animals.

  • Economy

    Unlocking Australia’s productivity paradox

    Adam Triggs |  November 14, 2018

    Predictions that new technology would unleash the boom in productivity required to increase real wages and create new jobs remain unproven as Australia’s productivity continues to lag behind increases in the past.

Latest Story

  • Mobile money creates opportunities in PNG

    Mark Moran     |      November 13, 2018

    PNG is a place of great complexity, with a development landscape littered with failed efforts. The potential for mobile money is often expressed in terms of financial inclusion, but there is also potential to improve development and governance.

  • Why do people become homeless?

    Julie Moschion     |      November 13, 2018

    While the majority of the general public thinks drug addiction is the main reason for homelessness, the reality can be quite different. Drug use can follow homelessness, which in turn is often a product of parental separation.

  • Human activity threatens 25% of mammal species

    Open Forum     |      November 13, 2018

    Human impacts such as deforestation and hunting are the biggest risk factors in the possible extinction of a quarter of all land-based mammals, according to a University of Queensland study.

  • Where to next on the final frontier?

    Malcolm Davis     |      November 13, 2018

    A critical mass of participants, initiatives and developments are riding a wave of government enthusiasm and private-sector support for Australia’s space industry. It’s a good time to be involved in the sector, but what should its priorities be from here?

  • Restoring trust in governments and institutions

    Grant Duncan     |      November 12, 2018

    The difficult task of restoring political trust will require leaders to reflect on their own behaviour and then working for significant reforms to social and economic policies and electoral systems in the public’s interest, rather than their own.

  • A ‘great and merciless thinning:’ the vanishing world of insects

    Michael Malay     |      November 12, 2018

    Insect populations are plummeting around the world, due to pesticides, climate change and habitat loss, threatening the ecosystems which depend on them. Imagining the disappearance of species through literature can help motivate a real life fight for their survival.

  • The ‘big boys’ can learn trade lessons from smaller states

    Joel Ng     |      November 12, 2018

    Small states can offer positive examples of success for larger countries looking for solutions to the problems and discontents in their much larger and more complex economies.

  • Morrison’s Pacific pivot

    Michael Shoebridge     |      November 11, 2018

    The Prime Minister has outlined a practical and imaginative new strategy on issues critical to our region’s security, prosperity and people-to-people connections.

  • The pros and cons of robot carers

    Helen Dickinson     |      November 11, 2018

    Technology manufacturers are getting excited about the potential for robots to help care for the sick, injured and elderly, but vulnerable people themselves may be less keen and society needs to put robust regulations in place to deal with issues as they emerge.

  • The facts and fictions of hangover cures

    Merlin Thomas     |      November 11, 2018

    Three out of four people who drink to the point of intoxication will have some form of hangover the next morning. Prevention is better than cure, however, as the folk remedies which people swear by have little impact on the problem.

  • Lovability versus liveability: what big data tells us about our neighbourhoods

    Lucinda Hartley     |      November 10, 2018

    Good communities need the right mix of public and private spaces, events, social diversity, leadership and investment to build the relationships which people need to be happy.

  • Bigger is not always better

    Riccardo Mastini     |      November 10, 2018

    Economic growth is always offered as the panacea for all of society’s ills, but what if “degrowth” was actually a better path towards a fairer, more inclusive and ecologically sustainable society?