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  • Cultivating optimism through meditation and leadership

    Victor Perton     |      January 17, 2019

    A free workshop on “How to be More Optimistic: Optimism, Meditation and Leadership” will be held on the 2nd of February in Sydney, featuring author Victor Perton, international affairs expert Keith Suter and women´s transformation and courage author Caroline Ward.

  • ‘Ultra” ultrasound could revolutionise technology

    Open Forum     |      January 17, 2019

    A new, more sensitive method to measure ultrasound may improve a wide range of technology from medical devices to driverless vehicles.

  • Improving maritime security in the Asia–Pacific

    John Coyne     |      January 17, 2019

    Over recent years, Asia–Pacific maritime security has become increasingly complex. Illegal fishing, piracy, terrorism, the trafficking of weapons, drugs and people and an increasingly assertive Chinese Navy all threaten regional peace and prosperity.

  • The rise of room sharing in Australia’s crowded cities

    Zahra Nasreen     |      January 16, 2019

    With affordable rental housing in short supply in Australia’s major cities, shared room accommodation is likely to increase with profound implications for residents of these rooms, local housing markets and government agencies.

  • Understanding the ‘pavement polka’

    Erin Munro     |      January 16, 2019

    Understanding how pedestrians negotiate space and oncoming people on crowded city pavements offers insights into the working of our brains.

  • Most Australians oppose further population growth

    Open Forum     |      January 16, 2019

    A new poll conducted by the Australian National University finds that more Australians believe the country’s population has already reached saturation levels.

  • A driverless future? Don’t believe the hype

    Graham Currie     |      January 15, 2019

    Old fashioned public transport, rather than new business models such as uber or new technology in the form of driverless cars, will remain the backbone of urban mass transport for the foreseeable future.

  • Crowdsourcing the problem of lower back pain

    Jorge Goncalves     |      January 15, 2019

    Crowdsourcing information and opinions from people who have experienced low back pain first-hand can provide sufferers with effective information and support.

  • The costs of containing China

    Hugh White     |      January 15, 2019

    Washington’s policymakers have finally realised that China is a serious strategic rival. Now they must decide what, if anything, to do about it.

  • You need more sleep, not supplements

    Saverio Stranges     |      January 14, 2019

    Many people in Australia, Canada and other western nations buy vitamins and diet supplements, but the best way to boost our health is still to eat properly, exercise regularly and get enough sleep.

  • Digging below the surface of Australian farming

    Christopher Mayes     |      January 14, 2019

    Like the Anzac soldier and bronzed surf lifesaver, the farmer holds a special place in the Australian imagination, but the costs imposed on the environment and indigenous population must also be acknowledged.

  • Future robots will be more R2D2 than C3PO

    Open Forum     |      January 14, 2019

    Researchers from Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, have offered a bold glimpse into what the robots of the future could look like – and it’s nothing like C3PO, or a T-800 Terminator.