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Help sick kids on Starlight Day

Starlight Foundation logoStarlight Day on 6 May 2016 is a national fundraising event run by the Starlight Foundation to support seriously ill children and their families.

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A new way of thinking about work injuries

Recovery at Work Strategic RoundtableGAP will be hosting a strategic roundtable on 5 May at NSW Parliament House in Sydney to discuss the health benefits of work, early intervention and how to improve the recovery rates for injured employees.


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The north, agriculture and the environment

GAP report: The north, agriculture and the environmentThe new GAP report discusses regional economic opportunities and environmental implications of agricultural development in northern Australia. It outlines a set of metrics to guide private sector investment decisions.


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One BarbeCURE at a time

posted by Victoria Kvisle, Apr 29, 2016

Philanthropy is already a way of life for many individuals and businesses in Australia. Victoria Kvisle, whose family has been involved with Cure Cancer for almost fifty years, encourages us all to find a way to serve and care for those around us.

In Australia, one doesn’t have to look far today to find someone doing good—whether it’s Hugh Jackman committed to supporting orphans around the world, or my daughter who takes wheelchair bound people out on excursions once a month. From someone running a marathon for Cantoo or purchasing a legacy badge on their way out of the shopping centre, philanthropy is now a way of life for many Australians.

But philanthropy has also made an entrance into the business world. Charitable causes are no longer dominated by non-profits; now they’re embraced by the white-collar CEO and the tech-savvy twenty-something alike. In this "uber-connected" world of smart phones and social media, businesspeople are realising consumer conscientiousness is at an all-time high and people want to feel good about the products they buy—whether it’s by purchasing a bag of fair-trade coffee or a handmade purse from India.

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The dictionary definition of philanthropy is 'the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes'. Promoting the welfare of others is a fundamental strong suit most stable countries value. This is not unique to Australia.

But what exactly defines Australian philanthropy?

Impressively we have more than 3,000 philanthropic organisations. Even more impressive is that in 2014 Australian charities collectively raked in $103 billion (of which $6.8 billion were donations).

So we know Australia is making a strong effort for its philanthropies. But where do we look for leadership? What is profit with purpose and does it really work? And then, maybe most importantly, how can we build a national culture of philanthropy where giving is intrinsic to the fabric of our families and the wider community?

For the next two months, Open Forum will talk with local humanitarians, altruistic groups and organisations that are giving while building their business, in order to get a better grasp of Australia's philanthropic involvement.

Please contact Svetlana at sstankovic@openforum.com.au with your blog idea to share your thoughts with the Open Forum community.

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