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    Looming China?

    Allan Patience |  June 22, 2017

    Australian foreign policy is now at a crossroads. Some would have us turn left to Beijing, to accommodate the fact that China is our most lucrative resources export market. Others would have us turn right to Washington, to re-embrace the American alliance as if our security, our national identity, our very future depend on it. Allan Patience, Principal Fellow in Political Science at the University of Melbourne, discusses.

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    Not just an IT issue – why cybersecurity should be on the board agenda

    Annelies Moens |  June 20, 2017

    In the digital age, every organisation – be it private sector, public sector or not-for-profit – is a ‘data business’. Annelies Moens of Information Integrity Solutions Pty Ltd, discusses why directors need to engage on cyber security.

  • Science and Technology

    Cyber Security

    Emma Johnson |  June 19, 2017

    How do we, as a nation, ensure we have the technology, and also the skillset, to combat massive data breaches? How do our governments regulate a threat that has permeable borders and no global framework? Our current Featured Forum is Cyber Security, and we invite your comments to ejohnson@openforum.com.au on this vast and fast-moving topic.

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    A Young Doctor’s Message to PM Turnbull

    Nicole Sleeman     |      June 16, 2017

    Climate change is the existential crises of our time: General Practitioner Nicole Sleeman discusses health and the environment, and the challenges she faces, as a health professional, tackling ‘environmental disease’.

  • Why productivity is more than just a buzzword

    David Hand     |      June 14, 2017

    David Hand, Managing Director of Newport Consulting, gives us the tools to improve our productivity.

  • Introduction – letter from the editor

    Emma Johnson     |      June 9, 2017

    Our new editor shares an introductory letter with the Open Forum Community and encourages them to continue to engage in important and constructive dialogue.