Is Australia’s infrastructure overrun by the ‘population ponzi’?

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Infrastructure in our major cities is at or over capacity. William Bourke claims that this is a politically engineered crisis Australia needs to address by lowering immigration rates.

Australian leadership: People who dare to dream. People who are prepared to take risks.

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Les Twentyman OAM is one of Australia’s best-known youth outreach workers and social campaigners and the founder of the Les Twentyman Foundation. He talked to about what Australians want from leadership.  

There is a big difference between managers and leaders. Managers have a set of rules they abide by. A leader sees an issue or an opportunity and has the courage to pursue it.
In a nutshell, a LEADER is being prepared to back you.

Australia needs a proper NBN

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We are currently witnessing yet another round of discussions about the national broadband network. Paul Budde explains why after having already lost most of Australians in this useless debate, we need to finally address the bigger picture.

Leadership – create today what we’ll need tomorrow

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Today’s middle management often finds itself caught between compliance, processes and technology. Gabrielle Davies explains why personal skills are crucial for good leadership.

Where to now – predictions for the Sharing Economy in 2017

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2016 was the year that the sharing economy took off in Australia. Roland Tam, Co-founder of Spacer, shares his insights on what lies ahead for the sector.

Why did I start the Australian Leadership Project?

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One often comes across cynicism and uncertainty in conversations about Australia’s leadership qualities. Victor Perton is passionate to share the stories of great Australian leadership.