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Domestic policies

We need to end Australia’s refugee shame. Now

Phil Glendenning's picture

The Turnbull Government is preparing to ban all post-July 2013 boat arrivals from ever entering Australia. Phil Glendenning, President of the Refugee Council of Australia, says the devastating impact of the incarceration and punishment on innocent people has to stop.

High quality early education: two years are better than one

Dr Stacey Fox's picture

A world class education system is the key to the future, but so far Australia’s children do not start school on an equal footing. Dr Stacey Fox from the Mitchell Institute at Victoria University says it’s time for Australia to catch up with the rest of the world and provide universal access to high quality preschool.

Early Childhood Education – report released

Building blocksA recently released report from the GAP Taskforce on Early Childhood Education calls for systemic changes, a stronger evidence base, pilot trials of holistic schemes, alternative procurement strategies, improved governance, better connection between services and the pursuit of stronger parental engagement.

On Coal Seam Gas fracking

Max Thomas's picture

Senator for Queensland and co-deputy Leader of the Australian Greens, Larissa Waters, has recently called to ban coal seam gas (CSG) fracking. After spending many years working for the environment, Max Thomas believes that the time for protest has passed and we need rational, evidence-based action.

Bringing inclusive and impactful entrepreneurship to Australia

Michelle Blum's picture

This week, the AICC NSW is hosting a trade mission of Israeli assistive technology companies, led by innovation organisation PresenTense. Following Australia’s adoption of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the trade mission showcases the latest Israeli technologies in this space that can be brought to Australia. AICC NSW CEO, Michelle Blum, explains.

Healthy ageing through assisting communities

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In Australia we have long relied on voluntary service to help our communities, but today’s hectic working lives serve as a brake on this voluntarism. Russ Grayson suggests paying retired people for skilled work to support under resourced volunteers.

First steps count

Rosemary Sinclair AO's picture

A community centre providing integrated early childhood services in a one-stop-shop with a number of family and community projects seems like a no-brainer. Rosemary Sinclair AO wonders why there is still no government commitment to contribute to this venture.

Flying Blind

CMCRC logoThe Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) has released a report titled Flying Blind – Australian consumers and digital health, analysing the collection and use of health data across the Australian health system.

What matters most in those early years

Rechelle Rozwadowski's picture

We know how vital a good start is in life and how pivotal these early learning experiences are in shaping a child’s future. As a parent and teacher, Rechelle Rozwadowski knows that learning takes place outside of the classroom just as much as in it.

The link between quality early learning and Australia’s future prosperity

Wendy McCarthy's picture

We have an inequality problem in this country that starts when children are born. Wendy McCarthy makes a compelling case for making quality early learning accessible to all children.