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Domestic policies

Australia’s innovation future and how to harness it

Charles Nightingale's picture

How can we harness innovation at every level and carve out a competitive position globally? Charles Nightingale from the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce explains how we can learn from Israel’s example and build a strong innovative culture here in Australia.

A whole of government approach to digital transformation

Jon Cumming's picture

How can the opportunities of digital be harnessed effectively to drive innovation and productivity in the coming years?  According to Jon Cumming, Chief Digital Officer at the ACT Government, the answer is a whole of government approach underpinned by a transformation of culture.

What we really need from innovation in Australia

Ron Johnston's picture

We live in a society dependent on innovation, in which hardly anyone knows anything about innovation. Ron Johnston, Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Innovation (ACIIC), says while it can mean many different things to different people, innovation is only ever a means to an end.


Our climate and energy dilemma: The case for emergency action

Ian Dunlop's picture

To avoid catastrophic outcomes for our climate, we must take action now to halt new fossil-fuel investment. Ian Dunlop says for a sustainable future we have no choice but to make the transition to low-carbon technologies work.

Australia needs a Royal Commission into the violence, abuse and neglect of people with disabilities

Cheryl McDonnell's picture

We, as a nation, must review our attitudes and actions that enable and reinforce the abuse, neglect and violence against disabled people. Cheryl McDonnell says we need the power of a Royal Commission to review what has happened in the past, how it happened, and to understand what must be done to ensure the end of the abuse.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation: The revival of populism in Australian politics

Liam Lander's picture

Pauline Hanson has reappeared on the national scene and her party is likely to claim three seats in the Senate. Liam Lander explains why populist movements like hers exist and what impact in government One Nation could have.

The Chilcot inquiry report shows how intelligence and policy maker failure is linked

Patrick Walsh's picture

This week the report following an inquiry led by Sir John Chilcot into the US-led coalition invasion of Iraq in 2003 has been released. Security expert Patrick Walsh talks us through the relevant points and the ultimate ‘slam dunk’ moment of the report.

Federal election 2016: Outcome and key players

Dominic O'Sullivan's picture

Australia has voted. With neither of the two major parties having a clear majority, what happens next? Political scientist Dominic O’Sullivan explains.

Great Barrier Reef: Springvale Station purchase

Max Thomas's picture

Environment groups and scientists have hailed the Queensland Government’s recent move to buy a cattle station south of Cooktown as a victory for reef conservation. Max Thomas questions whether the purchase serves a well-planned purpose beyond a mere political one.

Mining the Liverpool Plains: No place for politics in proper policy process

James Horne's picture

Politicians should respect the outcome of a robust policy process that gave Commonwealth approval for the Shenhua mine – even if they don’t like the result, writes James Horne.